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  • Bible Builds

    1 season

    Yippee’s Brand New Series! Join Jeff Bethke and 10-year-old series creator Ryland Dixon as they host together their new show ‘Bible Builds’! You and your kids can build the most iconic biblical moments alongside Jeff and Ryland with special prompts they’ll give each week, using the blocks you alr...


    The first time was so delicious, Cam and Noel simply had to return for more.

  • The Good Shepherd

    The Veggies are asked to perform for Mr. Nezzer’s mother who is visiting. Performing her favorite story of David and Goliath seems the perfect fit. Mr. Nezzer keeps interfering with the show rehearsal and causes a blackout in the theater. The Veggies are completely in the dark and feeling afraid!...


    A Slow Mo Volleyball AND a sunscreen CHALLENGE?! It must be the ultimate summer kick off.

  • What's The Scoop?

    1 season

  • #165 - Integrity Game Show

    Cameron competes in the “Integrity Or Not?” Game Show, and Colleen tries to obliterate a 3-Banana target!

  • #164 - Peter Denies Christ

    Julia shares the story of Peter’s lack of Integrity, but shows how Jesus redeemed Peter (and there’s good news for us too!)

  • #163 - Reppin’ Jesus

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Brittani takes us down under to worship along with Praise Blast from Melbourne, Australia!

  • #162 - Zaccheus

    Noel & Cam tell the story of Zaccheus, a guy who LEARNED integrity, directly from Jesus!

  • ULTIMATE Lemonade Challenge!

  • #161 - What’s Integrity?

    Brittani shows how this college-level topic is TOTALLY for kids! Also, Colleen takes on the Banana Target Challenge

  • Make Some Noise Kids

    1 season

    Welcome to Make Some Noise Kids! Make Some Noise Kids is Christian ❤️ Kids ⭐️ Music 🎉 Dance 🤩 based out of the Netherlands for kids by kids. Here Make Some Kids Noise Kids wants to inspire children in their faith in God and fellowship and provide them with a platform to develop their creative tal...

  • #160 - God Picks YOU!

    Noel shows how throughout history God has picked surprising people, and he always picks US!

  • #159 - Woman At The Well 

    Jesus does it again—picking an unlikely person in the woman at the well to be his messenger to His people.

  • #158 - “My Best Friend” 

    It’s worship Wednesday! Sing along with Hillsong Kid's “My Best Friend”!

  • Outlandish

    1 season

    This song-based animated comedy series celebrates the funny things we humans say and do. Things we have taken for granted as normal, is playing out in the most ridiculous ways in the OUTLANDish…area.

  • Mystery Jingle! Part 2!

    It's Noel's turn to explain her mystery object to Cam in this week's Mystery Jingle Challenge!

  • #157 - God Picks David

    Noel tells us the amazing story of how God called David to be the new King of Israel, even though it a huge surprise to Eli!

  • Hillsong Kids BIG Songs

    1 season

    Welcome to a taste of Hillsong Kids BIG songs! Hillsong Kids BIG is the children's ministry curriculum out of Hillsong Church in Australia. Here your kids can have a taste of songs produced within the Hillsong Kids BIG curriculum. Hillsong BIG curriculum is Bible-based teaching and music that is...

  • #156 - You Belong

    Cameron kicks off a week of exploring the surprising characters that God picks to do amazing tasks, and show how God picks EVEN YOU! Also, Colleen tackles the 4-Wheeler Breakfast Challenge.

  • #155 - Does God Speak Out Loud?

    Julia answers this big, big question! Also, Colleen tries not to fall into shaving cream.