Life of Riley

Life of Riley

59 Episodes

Join Riley Rose (from Arts and Crafts by 3 Sisters) as she takes us behind the scenes of her life-- from horseback riding to homeschooling, and everything in between!

Life of Riley
  • $25 Dinner Challenge

    Episode 59

    Riley and her sisters have to feed their family of 5 but they can only spend $25! Watch and see if they can cook a tasty, healthy meal-- and work together-- all on a budget!

  • Colorful Foods

    Episode 58

    The sisters must eat foods that are only ONE COLOR for an entire day! Anyone who breaks this rule will lose points. And yes, only one sister can win! WHO WILL IT BE?!

  • Watching Our Christmases

    Episode 57

    Join the sisters as they watch THEMSELVES celebrating Christmas when they were little girls. Also, hear about some of their favorite family traditions!

  • Christmas At The Princess Resort

    Episode 56

    Riley and her sisters head to one of their favorite places on the planet: THE PRINCESS RESORT! Join the holly-jolly fun as they marvel at the lights, sip hot chocolate, even ride rides (you read that right-- there are RIDES)!

  • Last To Leave The Ball Pit 2

    Episode 55

    The girls head BACK to the ball pit! Which sister has what it takes to endure "the pit" with no snacks, no bathroom breaks, and a slew of new enticing temptations from Mom!?

  • My Sisters Are Sick!

    Episode 54

    When Reese and Grace get the flu, it's big sister Riley to the rescue! Join Riley at the store as she shops for stuff to make her sisters get well soon.

  • Shopping For Kids

    Episode 53

    The sisters load boxes for children in need showing the rest of us just how meaningful – – and fun – – it can be!

  • Chick-Fil-A Challenge

    Episode 52

    Today's challenge is all about TASTE BUDS! The sisters compete for a $25 gift card while sampling Chick-Fil-A sauces. How well do YOU know your sauces?!

  • It's So Hot in Arizona Experiments

    Episode 51

    Can you REALLY fry an egg on the pavement in Arizona?! Well the sisters are going to find out! With $20 as a prize, the girls compete to see what melts faster: popsicle, chocolate, or butter!

  • Mountain Coaster

    Episode 50

    Riley and her family head to Flagstaff where they ride a giant roller coaster on the side of a mountain! (Oh, and there's tube slides, too!)

  • Baking Grace's Birthday Gift

    Episode 49

    With Riley at camp and Grace’s party coming up… it’s up to Reese to see if she can bake the perfect birthday cake!

  • Come With Us To Church

    Episode 48

    Spend a Sunday with Riley and Reese! They show you how they volunteer in Kids Church, then come back for their young adult service and small group.

  • Operation Surprise Party

    Episode 47

    Riley and her sisters travel to California to help throw their Grandma a surprise birthday party! Will someone spoil the surprise? Watch and see!

  • Keep or Switch

    Episode 46

    Hidden inside each cup, is either a delicious snack, or a gross one. The sisters must decide whether they will “keep” or “switch”! Get ready! This one gets pretty silly.

  • Going To The Dentist

    Episode 45

    Riley, Reese, and Grace head to the dentist… PRAYING they don’t have cavities (Grace is extra-nervous about it… see if you can tell!). And apparently at their dentist’s office there are DOGS?!

  • Selling Water

    Episode 44

    Money-making time! Riley and her sisters take you along to the golf outing where they earn enough money to pay for their sports teams and dance classes. They even share useful tips and tricks YOU can use.

  • Riley Practices Driving

    Episode 43

    Riley is learning to drive, and attempts driving through a “Drive-Thru” for the very first time! She then makes a “react video” about the whole experience.

  • Winter Lodge Decoration

    Episode 42

    It’s winter break, so Riley, Reese, and Grace invite Ava to join them for a “Winter Lodge” decorating competition. The winner gets a $50 gift card… who has what it takes?!

  • Decorating For Christmas

    Episode 41

    Riley and Grace decorate the new house to surprise Reese on FaceTime!

  • Reese's New York Takeover

    Episode 40

    Christmas In New York! Reese travels to the big city to perform on Broadway and in Times Square with her dance troop!

  • Holiday Bean-Boozled

    Episode 39

    Smoothie or Dead Fish? Peach or Barf? Riley and her sisters compete to see who draws the tastiest jelly beans. Winner gets a chocolate snowman!

  • Surprising Emma

    Episode 38

    Riley and her sisters create the BEST SURPRISE EVER for their fan-turned-awesome-friend, Emma!

  • Water Obstacle Course

    Episode 37

    Riley, her sisters, and friends visit a floating obstacle course! The three sisters race each other across the INSANELY slippery course, and the winner gets $20!

  • 10 Minute Photo Challenge

    Episode 36

    10 Minute Photo Challenge