Danny Go!

Danny Go!

79 Episodes

Welcome to Danny Go! A kid's show to help children become confident in their limitless creativity! Lots of music. Lots of silliness. Lots of learning. Come along for the ride!

Danny Go!
  • Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 6

    Episode 74

    Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 6

  • Great Big Party - Birthday Celebration Dance

    Episode 72

    Are you ready to PARTY?! Make your birthday or class party extra special by dancing along with Danny Go and all his friends! There's always something to celebrate, so make every day a GREAT BIG PARTY!

  • Escape From Tiger Island! Jungle Adventure

    Episode 73

    Are you ready for a thrilling JUNGLE adventure? Follow Danny Go's moves as you explore the lush greenery of Tiger Island, swinging along with monkeys & avoiding crocodiles...all in pursuit of a rare and mysterious creature! Oh, but if the tigers are on the prowl, you gotta get off the ground!

  • "Little Cat" Dance Along!

    Episode 71

    Are you ready to dance like a cute little CAT? Dance along with Danny Go and his friends as they pounce, scratch, purr and more! Then see how well you can follow the dance moves when you get the cat zoomies

  • "In the Mood for Food!" Cooking Dance

    Episode 70

    Are you feeling HUNGRY?? Time to do some cooking in the kitchen! Dance along with Danny Go and his friends as they mash potatoes, chop carrots, crack eggs, mix cake batter and more!

  • "Gimme That Garbage!" Garbage Truck Song

    Episode 69

    Are you ready to take out the TRASH? Dance along with Danny Go and his friends as they help keep the neighborhood clean! Pretend to drive a garbage truck, throw trash bags, roll trash cans and more! Oh, and make sure to hold on tight as you grab cans in the trash pick-up game!

  • Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 5

    Episode 68

    You're invited to a Danny Go DANCE PARTY! Hold on tight as you soar through the skies like a superhero, speed away in a firetruck, explore the farmyard, and test your memory with a colorful drum-along dance!

  • Pigs on the Loose! Farm Animal Adventure

    Episode 65

    Are you ready for an unforgettable FARM ANIMAL adventure?? Dance along with Danny as he runs, jumps, and gallops across the farm to catch Penny the purple chicken before she lays her golden eggs! Oh, but watch out for those crazy pigs! If they get loose, you gotta get off the floor fast!

  • Danny’s Sleigh Ride Adventure

    Episode 67

    Are you ready to ride Santa's sleigh & save Christmas? Dance along with Danny Go as he picks up lost presents, flies a sleigh through a blizzard, delivers gifts and tiptoes through Pap Pap and Bearhead's house...all before the sun rises on Christmas morning!

  • ‘Ka-Pow!” Superhero Dance

    Episode 66

    Are you ready to be a SUPERHERO? Dance along with Danny and his friends as they pretend they have amazing powers like super strength, invisibility, laser eyes and more! Oh, but when your powers run out, you better follow the dance moves to charge back up!

  • Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 4

    Episode 64

    Are you ready for Danny Go DANCE ADVENTURE? Explore King Pap's pyramid, swim away from sharks, journey through a volcano, and chase the Ice King through the arctic tundra! This dance compilation is full of adventure runs, floor is LAVA games, and FREEZE dances. Get up and get ready to embark on a...

  • Color Beat Drum-Along Dance!

    Episode 63

    Are you ready to drum along to the COLOR BEAT?! Follow the color patterns along with Danny Go and his friends in this rhythm memory game! Then listen closely and use your drumsticks to hit the right balls in the color smashing game!

  • "Drive Drive!" Vehicle Dance Song

    Episode 62

    Are you ready to DRIVE some vehicles? Dance along with Danny Go as he pretends to drive monster trucks, fire engines, race cars, ambulances and more! Oh, and see how well you can make noises like motorcycles, police cars and sirens!

  • The Ice King Freeze Dance 2: Artic Avalanche

    Episode 61

    Are you ready for a FREEZING adventure in the Arctic? ❄️ Dance along with Danny as he climbs, slides, jumps, and skis his way to the Ice King! See if you can dodge all the polar bears' snowballs…and watch out for any GIANT snowmen! 🐻‍❄️⛄️

  • Balloon Pop Dance

    Episode 60

    You ready to POP like a balloon?! 🎈💥 Dance along with Danny Go and his friends as they float around like balloons & play some balloon games...but get ready to go CRAZY when the giant balloon deflates!! 💨

  • The Floor is Quicksand: Pyramid Adventure

    Episode 59

    Are you ready for a wild DESERT adventure?? ☀️ Dance along with Danny Go as he gallops with camels, tiptoes past traps & swings over snake pits...all in search of the lost treasure of King Pap's pyramid! 🐍 Oh, but if you see any quicksand, you gotta get off the floor fast!

  • The Apple Picking Song!

    It's time to pick some apples!! Sing & dance along with Danny Go as he climbs trees and picks some delicious red apples!

  • The Pumpkin Pie Song!

    For Danny Go, there’s one food that rises above them all at Thanksgiving...PUMPKIN PIE! Sing and dance along to this silly, upbeat song about a beloved holiday dessert!


    It’s time for an adventure in the mountains! Follow Danny Go as he explores the woods, finds the perfect campsite & goes on an epic hike with his friends Pap Pap and Bear Head. Along the way, they learn about the quiet beauty of nature & the importance of listening to your friends...it’s what mak...


    When Bear Head’s mom comes down with a sleepy case of Hibernationitis, it’s up to Danny Go and his friends to pull together the Thanksgiving feast! Follow along as they visit a pumpkin patch, corn maze, farmer’s market & more!

  • "I Love Camping!" Song

    Sing along with Danny Go as he explore the woods, finds the perfect campsite & climbs up to the top of a huge mountain with Pap Pap & Bear Head!

  • The Cowboy Dance

    Episode 58

    Howdy partner! You ready to dance like a cowboy or cowgirl in the Wild West? 🤠 Follow along with Danny, Pap Pap, Bearhead and Mindy Mango as they do a good ol' fashioned line dance...and don't forget to chug, chug, chug like a train in the Iron Horse Hoedown! 🚂

  • Kids vs Adults Freeze Dance Game

    Episode 57

    Are you ready for a freeze dance game between kids and adults? Learn the moves along with Danny first, then do the right dances in each round to earn points for your team! Oh, but make sure you listen close...if you hear the whistle, you gotta FREEZE! ❄️

  • Brand New Day Song

    Episode 56

    Good morning! ☀️ Are you ready to wake up your body with some stretches and dances? Spin, twist, hula and touch your toes along with Danny Go...then learn how to say "good morning!" in different languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Hindi and more!