Danny Go!

Danny Go!

84 Episodes

Welcome to Danny Go! A kid's show to help children become confident in their limitless creativity! Lots of music. Lots of silliness. Lots of learning. Come along for the ride!

Danny Go!

    In this episode, Danny Go uses his fireflies to travel to a super cool fire station! He meets real firemen, tours their brand new fire station and even gets to ride in a real firetruck! After learning all about how firemen help people in need, Danny takes his knowledge back home to help out his f...


    It’s time for an adventure in the mountains! Follow Danny Go as he explores the woods, finds the perfect campsite & goes on an epic hike with his friends Pap Pap and Bear Head. Along the way, they learn about the quiet beauty of nature & the importance of listening to your friends...it’s what mak...

  • PETS!

    When Danny Go sees how much fun animals can be, he visits a local animal shelter to look for the perfect pet! Learn about responsibility and the importance of taking good care of animals in this heartwarming episode.


    Danny Go travels to a huge greenhouse to help his friend Bear Head figure out how to turn seeds into flowers! Along the way, Pap Pap works on his yo-yo skills...and Danny rides a bumblebee through a community garden! Learn all about growing plants AND the importance of patience in this action-pac...


    In this episode, Danny Go and his friends make plans to go to the beach, but things don’t go quite as planned! Watch as Danny, Pap Pap and Bear Head all learn how to work through disappointment and make the best of a less-than-ideal situation. Because they stay flexible, they end up having tons o...


    Vroom Vroom! Danny Go is racing to find vehicles with all types of wheels! Ride along as Danny Go and his friends try motorcycles, tractors, and more! Along the way, learn about the value of goal setting and how good it feels to accomplish our goals! Plus, Danny Go shares with Bear Head the impor...

  • SLIME!

    It's SLIME TIME! Join Danny Go and his friends Pap Pap and Bear Head as they try out recipes for all different kinds of ooey, gooey, sticky SLIME! Danny Go puts different slimes to the test as he hosts the Slime Games, and by the end, SOMEONE might just get slime dumped all over them! But who wil...


    Danny Go has a whole lot of energy today! To let it out, he visits an incredible indoor trampoline adventure park and explores all of the awesome trampolines and obstacle course areas-- even meeting up with his friends Pap-Pap and Bear Head for more epic fun! The three friends have a great time t...

  • Summer Pool Party!

    Episode 30

    It's time for a pool party!! Follow Danny Go and his friends as they play exciting pool games like Mr. Shark & Treasure Hunt, compete in a cannonball competition, eat some ice cream sundaes AND have an epic super soaker battle! It's the kind of summer day kids dream of!

  • Slime Time Song

    Episode 25

    S-L-I-M-E! Slime Time! Put on your dance pants and get ready to rock out to the latest sticky sound sensation from Danny Go and his friends!

  • Firetruck Song

    Have you ever heard a firetruck siren go “wee-ooh wee-ooh” down the street? Well, now you can sing this fun song along with it! The Firetruck Song is all about the important job firemen do everyday. Sing & dance along with Danny Go!

  • Just Wanna Jump Music Video

    Have you ever had so much energy that you just didn't know what to do? Sometimes, you just gotta go crazy and let it all out! Come sing, dance, and JUMP along with Danny Go!

  • Never Seen Nothing! Music Video

    Nature is beautiful, and there’s nothing like seeing something for the first time! Sing and dance along to this catchy song all about enjoying the wonderful world around us!

  • “Make the Best of It!” Song

    "Wheels Go Round" Song

  • Sharks in the Water 2: Rise of The Shark King

    Episode 82

    Are you ready to DIVE into a thrilling underwater adventure? Swim along with Danny as you navigate shark-infested waters in search of the legendary Giant Golden Shark Tooth! Along the way, you’ll encounter fascinating sea creatures, swim through dangerous coral, and collect precious gems. Oh, but...

  • ‘Gorilla Smash!’ Drum-Along Dance

    Episode 81

    Are you ready to pound the ground like a gorilla? Drum along with Danny and his friends as they copy the rhythmic patterns of the mighty gorillas. But that's not all - they need your help to retrieve bananas from the trees by smashing the ground! Get ready for the ultimate drum-along dance challe...

  • Danny Go! All The Songs Vol. 4

    Episode 80

    Danny Go! All The Songs Vol. 4

  • Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 7

    Episode 79

    You're invited to a Danny Go DANCE PARTY! Join Danny on this epic dance adventure filled with GLOW IN THE DARK dance floors, silly this or that games, exciting adventure runs, and even a chance to shrink down and dance like your favorite bugs! Get up on your feet and get ready to light up the dan...

  • The Animal Dance Game!

    Episode 78

    Are you ready to DANCE like some of your favorite animals? Join Danny in an exciting this or that dancing game where you pick which animals to dance like! Will you go bananas like a monkey or run like a cheetah? Oh but wait, there's a twist! As the animals mix, the dances get WILD - can you keep ...

  • Robot Energy! Toy Factory Adventure

    Episode 77

    Are you ready to transform into a ROBOT? Charge up your batteries and equip your rocket boosters in this electrifying DANCE adventure through a giant toy factory! Oh, but if you see any toys acting strange, you better watch out!

  • "The Millipede March!" Bug Dance

    Episode 75

    Are you ready to MARCH like a MILLIPEDE?! Shrink down and dance alongside Danny Go and some of his insect friends. Flap your wings like a butterfly, spin a web like a spider, and march around like a bug with a whole lot of feet! Just keep an eye out for stink bugs… you don’t want to be too close ...

  • Glow in the Dark Shapes Dance!

    Episode 76

    Are you ready to GLOW in the dark?! Light up the dance floor with Danny as he draws glowing shapes in the air! Then see if you can grab all of the right shapes in the electrifying glow-in-the-dark game!

  • Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 6

    Episode 74

    Danny Go! The Songs Vol. 6

  • Great Big Party - Birthday Celebration Dance

    Episode 72

    Are you ready to PARTY?! Make your birthday or class party extra special by dancing along with Danny Go and all his friends! There's always something to celebrate, so make every day a GREAT BIG PARTY!