Maggie's Market

Maggie's Market

24 Episodes

Maggie runs a specialty market where she helps neighbors get things they can’t find for themselves-- even on the internet! Need hot sauce with real lava in it? No problem. Sun tea with actual sunshine? You bet.

Maggie's Market
  • Maggie's Market All The Episodes

    Episode 24

    Watch every Maggie's Market ever! Without stopping!

  • Rocket Mattress

    Episode 23

    Oh no! Maggie is sick and can't work at the market! Billy WANTS to help but is feeling very nervous. After praying about it, God shows up in surprising ways!!

  • Search for Winged Shoes

    Episode 21

    Billy wants winged shoes so he can defeat his "enemy" Buford. Maggie reluctantly agrees to help, hopeful that Billy and Buford can work out their differences.

  • Apple-y Ever After

    Episode 19

    Apple Andi's apple trees are sad and wilting and she doesn't know why! She gets Maggie & Billy to sprinkle talking plant food on the trees so they can explain for themselves what they need to feel content again!

  • Search For Fancy Foods

    Episode 16

    Chef Gloria sends Maggie all around the world – – and even into space – – to help her get fancy foods to make her happy. Think it will work? Watch and see!

  • Search For Lava Hot Sauce

    When Gloria the Chef needs help getting hot sauce with REAL LAVA in it, Maggie and Billy travel to Hawaii and Billy learns how to be brave!

  • Search for The Naughty Nose

    Episode 6

    Ryan the Happiest Clown ever is missing his clown nose, and Maggie and Billy play the ultimate game of hide and seek to help him find it!

  • Search For A Giant Straw

    Episode 4

    Funny Man Dan gets his milkshake stuck in a tree, which sends Maggie and Billy on a journey to the top of Jack's beanstalk!

  • Search For Strong Strings

    Episode 9

    Lily needs a super-strong violin string for her concert tonight, but Maggie experiences one failure after another. Can the presidents on Mt. Rushmore help Lily and Maggie in time for the concert?! This episode is a great lesson in “daring greatly!”

  • Search for Sparkly Sun Foil

    Episode 11

    Billy is in desperate need of sun foil for the world's most epic sun tea. When Maggie gets too much "sparkle finder" it's up to Billy to keep the search on track!

  • Maggie's Market All The Songs!

    Episode 13

    Hop up and dance along with Maggie and her friends! Enjoy ALL the songs from your favorite episodes of Maggie's Market.

  • Better Song

    Episode 22

    Get your flying shoes ready to sing and soar like an eagle with Billy & Buford!

  • Brand New Day Song


    Sing and dance along with Maggie to celebrate God giving each of us a wonderful, glorious, BRAND NEW DAY!

  • Be Brave Song


    Sing and Dance along with Maggie & Billy in this musical number from the show “Maggie’s Market!”

  • Making Friends Song

    Episode 5

    Sing and dance along with Maggie, Billy, and Mr. Giant… then go sing this song to YOUR new friends!

  • Dance Train Song

    Every time the Dance Train comes, we take a DANCE BREAK! Sing and dance along with Maggie & Billy in this song from "Maggie's Market."

  • Just The Way You Are Song

    Episode 8

    Sing and Dance along with Maggie, Billy, and Ryan the Happiest Clown Ever, and take a moment to celebrate the amazing ways God made YOU!

  • Dare Greatly Song

    Episode 10

    It’s time to ROCK with Maggie and her friends! Grab an air guitar or some drumsticks and join in the fun.

  • Run & Hide Song

    Episode 12

    Sing along! Dance along! Run and hide along! Join Maggie and Billy, as they escape from a (stuffed) dinosaur.

  • Sparkle and Shine Song

    Episode 14

    Sing and dance along with Maggie & Billy as Maggie runs around singing about all the sparkly things!

  • Thankful Song

    Episode 17

    Time to bust a move with Chef Gloria & Maggie! Sing along, and take a moment to celebrate the things that make you feel THANKFUL!

  • Dance Train Song (Gloria’s Version)

    Episode 18

    It's time for another DANCE BREAK! Join Chef Gloria & Maggie as you ride and dance along to the newest version of Dance Train!

  • Ok To Be Sad Song

    Episode 20

    Sing along with this sad song that's likely to make you feel very happy!

  • Gift For You!

    Episode 15

    Maggie & Billy have been getting all the Christmas presents ready... and there's even one for YOU! Warm up your voice and get ready to sing along. Merry Christmas!