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Cowboy Jack

99 Episodes

Howdy, I'm Cowboy Jack! I make educational and fun videos for kids. Join me as I host virtual field trips to new locations and fun filled experiences. Learn and play as we go! Every adventure is packed with new educational experiences for kids of all ages!

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Cowboy Jack
  • Firefighter School for Kids | Learn How Firefighters Train

    Episode 99

    Firefighters work hard to keep their skills sharp and today we're learning all about how they do that in firefighter school for kids when we learn how firefighters train! We're with the amazing first responders of Montgomery County Emergency Service District 3 and they are using a real live fire...

  • Brick Adventure for Kids

    Episode 98

    Let's build something awesome on this incredible Lego adventure for kids! We're at Brick Fest Live, an incredible Lego event for all and we're having a blast seeing some huge Lego builds, battle bots, Lego car derby races, and even meet R2-D2! We never found baby Yoda, but this is packed with g...

  • Batting Cages Baseball Fun for Kids

    Episode 97

    Batter Up - let's have some batting cages baseball fun for kids with Cowboy Jack! Cowboy Jack is at the brand new, state of the art batting cages at No Limit Cages in Montgomery, Texas and we're learning about batting, catching, pitching, and baseball safety for kids! The pitching machines are ...

  • Texas BBQ at Buc-ee's with Cowboy Jack

    Episode 91

    Buc-ee's and BBQ - everything a Texan needs! Cowboy Jack meets the king of BBQ himself, Mr. Randy Pauly for a tour of The Texas Roundup at Buc-ee's to learn how to make a brisket sandwich! Get ready for Fresh Brisket on the Board and a few more fun catch phrases for kids in this super fun exper...

  • Huge Monster Trucks in Action

    Episode 92

    Let's see some HUGE MONSTER TRUCKS IN ACTION with Cowboy Jack! Cowboy Jack is watching two monster trucks drive off of a trailer and getting set up, and we'll get inside a monster truck and see what the driver's seat looks like! If you like monster trucks for kids, get buckled up and ready to e...

  • Huge Awesome Indoor Slide Park for Kids Cowboy Jack at Slick City

    Episode 90

    Let's visit a huge awesome indoor slide park for kids and have some fun with Cowboy Jack at Slick City! Slick City is an indoor adventure park with locations all across the country and we are with them in Katy, Texas slipping and sliding! This incredible adventure for kids is action packed with...

  • Digger Playtime with Excavators for Kids

    Episode 95

    Let's play some games with huge excavators in this cool experience of digger playtime with excavators for kids! Cowboy Jack hops behind the wheel (or joysticks) of some big machines and shows us how to dig and play with giant equipment! Grab a hard hat and get ready for excavator fun and laughs...

  • Swimming Splashing Dogs

    Episode 93

    Did you know there's dog agility events called dock diving where you get to see some swimming splashing dogs do their tricks? We're at Dog Gone Fun Agility in Magnolia, Texas seeing these pups splash into the pool and swim all over! Cowboy Jack gives kids a deep dive into the world of swimming ...

  • Valentines Day Fun for Kids | Bakery Tour

    Episode 96

    Valentine's Day is such a magical fun holiday to celebrate those you love, those who lift you up, those who believe in you, and those who are special to you and what could be more fun than Valentines Day Fun for Kids with a Bakery Tour? We're with our friends at Luliet - an amazing bakery in Spr...

  • Dinosaur Adventure for Kids

    Episode 94

    Let's hang out with my friend Safari Sarah at Jurassic Quest and meet Tyson, the baby T-Rex and some other dino friends on this dino adventure for kids! Cowboy Jack loves Jurassic Quest and meeting all of these huge and even tiny dinosaurs for kids is so much fun and educational!

  • Explore a Street Sweeper Street Sweeper Tour for Kids

    Episode 89

    Street Sweepers are so cool and I'm so excited to Explore a Street Sweeper in this Street Sweeper Tour for Kids! Cowboy Jack's friends at New Horizon Street Sweeping were super awesome to teach us all about their street sweeper trucks and how they work. They even show us how street sweepers cle...

  • Trailers to get Cowboys and Horses to Rodeos for Kids

    Episode 88

    Let's learn about cowboy and horse trailers for kids! If you've ever wondered how cowboys get themselves and their animals down the road to the next rodeo, this episode is for you! We'll learn all about how cowboys travel in style from rodeo to rodeo with living quarters in their trailers and a...

  • Cowboy Dinosaur Theme Park Tour for Kids

    Episode 87

    A cowboy dinosaur theme park tour for kids with Cowboy Jack sounds like so much fun! We're going to explore Once Upon a Cowboy with Cowboy Jack. This educational and fun video for toddlers and kids of all ages has everything - a train ride, digging for fossils, seeing a dancing dinosaur, and mo...

  • Science at the Children's Museum for Kids

    Episode 86

    Get ready for an adventure filled with science at the children's museum for kids! We're going to learn about electricity, viscosity, gravity, inertia, and all sorts of other scientific things...maybe even a little physics. But this learning fun is great for all ages as we explore and learn whil...

  • Snow Cone Truck Tour | Snow Cones for Kids

    Episode 84

    It's always a good time for snow cones - and what a cool opportunity to take a snow cone truck tour and make snow cones for kids with Cowboy Jack! We're with our friends Madison and Kendall at M&K/Puckett's Sno Cones in Spring, Texas and they're teaching us all about how to make snow cones! We'...

  • Turning Creativity Into Reality | Cowboy Jack Goes on a Creative Adventure

    Episode 85

    Using our imaginations and being creative is so much fun, and this week we learn about turning creativity into reality with Cowboy Jack when we catch a tour of Makeup Junkie! These amazing handmade wonders have been sold all over the entire world! Makeup Junkie owner Meredith shows Cowboy Jack ...

  • Walk The Dog with Cowboy Jack | Dog Walking Safety for Kids

    Episode 83

    It's time to walk the dog with Cowboy Jack but before we do let's learn about how to walk dogs safely together! Cowboy Jack has his buddy Punch with him for this outdoor adventure where we discuss crossing the street safely, how to handle a dog, and making sure to pick up our messes (even our do...

  • Putt Putt Adventure

    Episode 82

    Putt Putt Adventure is all about miniature or mini golf with your buddy Cowboy Jack! We're with our friends at Shankz Mini Golf in The Woodlands, Texas having a blast while we learn how to play the game! We've got to look out for a cranky crocodile as we wind through the course and stop to have...

  • Let's Visit a Butterfly Sanctuary!

    Episode 81

    Let's visit a butterfly sanctuary together with Cowboy Jack! We're at the Cockrell Butterfly Sanctuary at the Houston Museum of Natural Science and we're seeing all sorts of bugs, beetles, insects, and of course butterflies! We are even going to meet a newly hatched butterfly and release him fr...

  • Huge Machines for Kids with Cowboy Jack

    Episode 78

    If you like diggers, excavators, tractors, front end loaders, or even just playing in the dirt Huge Machines for Kids with Cowboy Jack was made for you! We're going to have fun operating and looking at all sorts of huge machines for kids! We'll be with our friends at Dig World playing all sorts...

  • Toy Museum Tour for Kids See Toys from the Past

    Episode 80

    Toy Museum Tour for Kids | See Toys from the Past is truly a trip down memory lane at the Houston Toy Museum! We will learn about and see toys from as early as 1900 all the way to modern day and looking at toys is so fun (and even educational)! On this toy museum tour for kids we'll be looking ...

  • Count to 10 with Cowboy Jack | Playplace Adventure

    Episode 79

    Count to 10 with Cowboy Jack Playplace Adventure is so much fun! We're going to play at Bounce N Play in Houston, Texas by Willowbrook Mall while we explore and find numbers 1-10 as we play. In Count to 10 with Cowboy Jack we will learn all of our numbers and have some great laughs along the wa...

  • Real Train Tour and Model Trains for Kids

    Episode 77

    Get ready for a real train tour and model trains for kids! We're back at Rosenberg Railroad Museum for a fresh new look at the fully restored caboose train car and revamped G Gauge Model Train Layout in the garden. The real train tour for kids gives you a birds eye view of what it was like work...

  • Beach Fun Day with Cowboy Jack

    Episode 76

    Going to the beach can be a blast, and it's even better to have a Beach Fun Day with Cowboy Jack! We filmed this episode in Santa Rosa Beach Florida right in the heart of 30A. This was especially fun because we were with our favorite kiddos in the world! Cowboy Kaden and Cowgirl Addison had so...