Sky and Finn

Sky and Finn

41 Episodes

Join Sky and Finn as they tell stories, explore God's creation, solve problems, defeat the baddies, work together and learn life-lessons. Each episode is created with a mix of live performances, animation and music to create super fun, safe and inspiring videos. Through story-telling, play, imagination, togetherness, sharing, caring and daring, Sky and Finn hope to bring joy and courage to kids around the world, inspiring them to tell stories themselves and grow into who they were created to be!

Sky and Finn
  • Farm Animal Fun With Finn

    Episode 42

    Finn is visiting his friend Henry on his farm and get to help with all the animals. They feed the sheep, help with lambing, feed the pigs, collect fresh eggs from the chickens and they get to hold brand new sheep dog puppies. Along the way they learn lots of interesting facts about all the animals.

  • Animals Escape the Zoo

    Episode 24

    Sky and Finn get a phone call from the Zoo telling them that some of the animals have escaped. The Zoo ask Sky and Finn to help them get the animals back to the Zoo. What animals have escaped and how do they get them back to the Zoo?

  • Explore our Solar System

    Episode 40

    Sky and Finn flying through space once again on a mission to our Solar System. Sky and Finn learn some very amazing and exciting facts about all the different planets. This video is for for all kids who like to learn about our amazing solar system

  • We're Going on a Dragon Hunt

    Episode 39

    The Floor is Lava in Sky and Finns house. Can they escape the lava in their room? The floor is also lava in their living room and the stairs. Lava everywhere.

  • The Floor Is Lava

    Episode 38

    The Floor is Lava in Sky and Finns house. Can they escape the lava in their room? The floor is also lava in their living room and the stairs. Lava everywhere.

  • Sports Day

    Episode 37

    Sky and Finn try out lots of different sports to see which one they like best. Sky and Finn go riding their scooters, go swimming, try archery and play football. Which sport is your favourite?

  • Fun At The River

    Episode 36

    Sky and Finn are going to the River to explore all the fun things that on can do. A fun and exciting adventure in nature exploring things like robe swing, body boarding, rock hopping and other things.

  • Sky and Finn Play Explorers

    Episode 35

    Sky and Finn are going on a adventure explorer tour. They are going into a submarine and explore the sea. Sky and Finn travel through a portal and turn into Ninja KIDS going through different worlds.

  • Animals At Night

    Episode 34

    Sky and Finn and Daddy going on a night walk to find animals that are awake during the night. They are called nocturnal animals. Learn about animals at night. Where they live, what they eat, and lots of other interesting facts.

  • Meteor Attack

    Episode 33

    Sky and Finn have to safe the earth from a meteor that is on collision course with planet earth. Sky and Finn are in a space ship trying to send the meteor back into space and save the planet.

  • Santa's Little Helpers

    Episode 32

    Santa Claus loses presents from his sleigh, so Sky and Finn help Santa Claus to deliver those presents to the children they belong to. How will Sky and Finn get Santa Claus' presents to the right children?

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Episode 30

    A fun adventure where Sky and Finn have to find clues for a new location every time to answer a question about nature and get through a challenge. There are 5 locations, 5 challenges and 5 nature questions. Can Sky and Finn answer all the questions?

  • A Knights Adventure

    Episode 29

    Sky and Finn are going on a Knights Kids Adventure at a real castle with real Knights and real Horses. Watch a real jousting competition with real knights. A fun adventure video for kids who love knights.

  • Funny Animals at the Zoo

    Episode 28

    Sky and Finn meet funny animals at the zoo. Animals that talk. See how the animals live, what they eat and what they do all day in the zoo. Sky and Finn feed a kangaroo and a parrot. Sky gets kicked by an alpaca and mummy gets pooped on :) Also, check out the amazing playground that looks like No...

  • Loading Timber Onto a Truck

    Episode 27

    Sky and Finn have a whole bunch of timber that has to be transported to the sawmill. Can they carry the logs themselves or do they need a truck to help? Watch and see how the logs get to the sawmill.

  • Science - Volcano Lava Experiment

    Episode 25

    Sky and Finn and Daddy doing a Volcano Lava Experiment. Sky and Finn paint the volcano first. Then, daddy is helping to mix the ingredients to make the volcano erupt. A super fun and exciting science experiment for kids.

  • Easter Scavenger Hunt

    Episode 41

    Sky, Finn and Daddy find an Easter Egg in the garden that sets them off on an Easter Scavenger Hunt. Each egg has a clue to find the next and tells us a part of the Easter Story. The adventure takes us through woods, across rivers, into caves and under bridges in their hunt for all the eggs. Join...

  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Episode 26

    Happy Easter Everyone! The Easter Bunny hid Easter Eggs in Sky and Finn's garden. Find out how many easter eggs they can find on their easter egg hunt. See what is hidden inside the easter eggs. Toy reveal. Sky and Finn. Easter Video.

  • Daddy Lost in Space

    Episode 23

    Sky and Finn are on Mars in their Space Station checking on things whilst daddy went into space exploring. Sky and Finn suddenly get an emergency call from daddy saying that he had lost his space ship and is now floating uncontrollably through space. Can Sky and Finn rescue daddy and bring him sa...

  • A New Toy Tractor

    Episode 22

    A big box arrives at Sky and Finn's door. What could it be? It's a box with new toy tractors for Sky and Finn. Sky and Finn love tractors. Toy tractors and real tractors. Do you?

  • Wilderness Adventure

    Episode 21

    Sky and Finn and Daddy get dropped off by a helicopter in the wilderness. They are building a den for shelter and make a fire to stay warm and signal for rescue according to #beargrylls. Sky is carrying a backpack. Lets hope its filled with some useful things.

  • We're Going On A Bear Hunt

    Episode 19

    We are going on a bear hunt with Sky and Finn. An exciting adventure to find the bear. Lots of challenges on the way. Can Sky and Finn find the bear? Fun bear hunt video with Sky and Finn.

  • Sticky The Stick Insect

    Episode 20

    Sky and Finn find Sticky the talking Stick insect. He got lost and Sky and Finn will help Sticky to get back home to Bramble Hill where he lives. They also need some more help from the sheep, horses and cows to find the way to return Sticky to his home.

  • Christmas In London

    Episode 17

    Christmas Kids video. Sky and Finn spend Christmas in London. Come along and join the fun adventures with Sky and Finn. Come with us to London to see the famous Hamley's toy store, go ice skating at the Kingdom of Winter, visit the circus and lots of fun rides