Mickey's Farm (115 Videos)

  • Shaved Sheep

    Mickey goes looking for his sheep friends but is surprised to find some skinny, funny-looking animals in the sheep pen. Megan and Schlepy the Sheep show Mickey how the farmer shaves all the sheep to use their wool.

  • Silo

    Mickey sees the farmer filling a strange building with grain and thinks the animals won’t have anything left to eat, so he hides some grain in his wagon. Megan and Sedwick the Shovel teach Mickey about silos and how the farmer is busy preparing for winter.

  • Digging

    Megan taught Mickey that digging holes isn’t very nice, so he’s alarmed when he sees the farmer doing just that! Mickey tries to fill them in, but can’t. Megan and Florence the Flower show Mickey why the farmer was digging holes.

  • Rainbow

    Mickey and Megan were making paintings of the scenery on the farm yesterday. Painting sure can get messy! Since it has just stopped raining, Mickey decides to look for some more fun things on the farm to paint. Then he sees his first ever rainbow! He thinks someone made a mess in the sky after sp...

  • Squirrel

    Mickey goes to the woods to sit in the shade of a large oak tree and enjoy his new doggie bone, but when he gets there acorn shells shower from the tree and Mickey begins a futile attempt to clean them all up. Megan and Smithers the Squirrel show Mickey why the shells were falling and who else wa...

  • Racehorse

    Mickey sees the farmer cleaning a horse’s shoes and goes in search of some shoes that will help him run faster. Megan and Rocket the Racehorse show Mickey why some horses need horseshoes and why dogs don’t need any shoes at all.

  • Ladybug

    Mickey goes searching for bugs on the farm. He sees one bug that looks like a little beetle, only it is red with black spots. Mickey is concerned the bug might be sick. But Lucy the Lady Bug explains that her bright colours help other animals watch out for her because she's so tiny.

  • Snowblower

    Mickey finds Megan’s lost scarf but loses it again when he tries to stop a strange machine from “spitting” snow everywhere. Megan and Sylvia the Snow Blower teach Mickey why snow blowers are so helpful in the winter.

  • Sick Maple Tree

    Mickey sees something sticky dripping down a tree’s trunk and thinks the tree might be sick. Megan and Mable the Maple Tree teach Mickey about sap and how it’s used to make maple syrup.

  • Canoe

    After getting a new doghouse, Mickey goes to visit some farm friends in their homes but discovers a strange, long “home” without a door or windows. Megan and Carlton the Canoe show Mickey what he really saw.

  • Starfish

    Mickey finds a star on the beach and thinks it fell from the sky. Megan and Stella the Starfish teach Mickey that there are star-shaped things in the ocean too.

  • Bubbles

    Mickey loves helping Megan clean up after playing. Cleaning up your mess is an important chore! Mickey wants to surprise Megan by doing all the dishes before she gets home from school. Mickey's never washed the dishes before, this should be fun! But when shiny clear balls start floating up out of...

  • Sprinkler

    Mickey looks for a good spot to lie down and watch the clouds, but every time he finds one he gets wet with a sprinkler. Megan and Florence the Flower teach Mickey why sprinklers are all over the farm.

  • Sheep Dog

    Mickey finds a new dog on the farm and causes a little trouble when he tries to help the dog take care of the sheep. Megan and Skippy the Sheep Dog teach Mickey about Skippy’s very important job.

  • Snail

    Mickey collects supplies for arts and crafts and discovers a seashell that moves on its own. Mickey learns about snails from Megan and Selena the snail.

  • Snowshoe Hare

    Mickey plays a fun game of guess-the-snow-print and sees some strange, really big prints he mistakes for a giant’s prints. Megan and Harmony the Snowshoe Hare show Mickey why snowshoes are so useful.

  • Shadows

    Mickey finds the perfect spot to watch the sunset from, right in front of the barn. When he looks at the barn wall he sees what he thinks is a giant dinosaur! But, Barny the Barn explains that what Mickey saw was his shadow, which can get really big when the sun is low in the sky just before the ...

  • Lawn Mower

    Mickey goes in search of the perfect picnic spot on the farm. He comes across a machine he's never seen before that is cutting all the grass. He thinks it's a grass-eating monster. But Lenny the Lawnmower explains that he's not a monster but he's not a toy, either. He helps keep the grass short ...

  • Skunk

    Mickey finds a strange animal eating all the vegetables in the vegetable garden and gets a stinky surprise when he tries to stop it. Megan and Selma the Skunk teach Mickey why skunks occasionally spray people.

  • Snake

    Mickey finds a snake and wonders how it moves around without any legs, so he decides to try to give it a tour of the farm in his red wagon. Megan and Cyril the Snake show Mickey why snakes don’t need legs to get around.

  • Bouy

    Mickey goes to the beach in search of seaweed for Guy. Mickey keeps getting sidetracked when he hears Megan ringing the dinner bell. But every time Mickey arrives at his doggy bowl, it's empty. Bobby the Buoy Bell was making the ringing noise all along. And Bobby explains to Mickey that he makes ...

  • Skating

    Mickey discovers a large patch of ice and is confused to find children effortlessly gliding across it with funny looking boots on. Megan and The Skates teach Mickey about ice skates and ice skating.

  • Snowflakes

    Mickey tries to catch a snowflake on his tongue to give to Megan but is disheartened when his tongue always seems to come up empty. Megan and Sned the Snowflake explain to Mickey that he caught many snowflakes, but they all melted before he could see them.

  • Melting Snowman

    Mickey seeks out the snowman he and Megan built the day before but only finds the snowman's clothes and is convinced his frozen friend is lost. Megan and Sammy the Snowman explain to Mickey that when it gets warm outside a snowman melts.