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Snowshoe Hare

Mickey's Farm (115 Videos) • 11m

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  • Shadows

    Mickey finds the perfect spot to watch the sunset from, right in front of the barn. When he looks at the barn wall he sees what he thinks is a giant dinosaur! But, Barny the Barn explains that what Mickey saw was his shadow, which can get really big when the sun is low in the sky just before the ...

  • Lawn Mower

    Mickey goes in search of the perfect picnic spot on the farm. He comes across a machine he's never seen before that is cutting all the grass. He thinks it's a grass-eating monster. But Lenny the Lawnmower explains that he's not a monster but he's not a toy, either. He helps keep the grass short ...

  • Skunk

    Mickey finds a strange animal eating all the vegetables in the vegetable garden and gets a stinky surprise when he tries to stop it. Megan and Selma the Skunk teach Mickey why skunks occasionally spray people.