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Up Next in Mickey's Farm (115 Videos)

  • Digging

    Megan taught Mickey that digging holes isn’t very nice, so he’s alarmed when he sees the farmer doing just that! Mickey tries to fill them in, but can’t. Megan and Florence the Flower show Mickey why the farmer was digging holes.

  • Rainbow

    Mickey and Megan were making paintings of the scenery on the farm yesterday. Painting sure can get messy! Since it has just stopped raining, Mickey decides to look for some more fun things on the farm to paint. Then he sees his first ever rainbow! He thinks someone made a mess in the sky after sp...

  • Squirrel

    Mickey goes to the woods to sit in the shade of a large oak tree and enjoy his new doggie bone, but when he gets there acorn shells shower from the tree and Mickey begins a futile attempt to clean them all up. Megan and Smithers the Squirrel show Mickey why the shells were falling and who else wa...