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Up Next in Mickey's Farm (115 Videos)

  • Lawn Mower

    Mickey goes in search of the perfect picnic spot on the farm. He comes across a machine he's never seen before that is cutting all the grass. He thinks it's a grass-eating monster. But Lenny the Lawnmower explains that he's not a monster but he's not a toy, either. He helps keep the grass short ...

  • Skunk

    Mickey finds a strange animal eating all the vegetables in the vegetable garden and gets a stinky surprise when he tries to stop it. Megan and Selma the Skunk teach Mickey why skunks occasionally spray people.

  • Snake

    Mickey finds a snake and wonders how it moves around without any legs, so he decides to try to give it a tour of the farm in his red wagon. Megan and Cyril the Snake show Mickey why snakes don’t need legs to get around.