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Welcome to Kingdomcity Kids, the kids ministry of Kingdomcity that serves to connect, equip and empower kids to bring the reality of God to their world. Join us on our curriculum adventures, as we delve into stories of fearless Bible characters, revivalists and world-changers through songs and creative illustrations to teach kids that they were born to to be amazing and with purpose!

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Kingdomcity Kids
  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 1 | Noah's Story

    Episode 1

    Look into the story of Noah, who trusted and obeyed God, and did not fear what people thought of him. Watch how Noah’s fearless act of obedience saved his family and all the animals from the great big flood!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 2 | Abraham's Story

    Episode 2

    Look into the story of Abraham, who overcame the fear that Pharoah will kill him. God gave Abraham a second chance and a long full life to become fearless!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 3 | Rebekah's Story

    Episode 3

    Here is the story of Rebekah, who did not fear and believed that God is always with her. Because of fearlessness, Rebekah became Isaac’s wife and a mother of twins, Esau and Jacob, who is the ancestor of Jesus!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 4 | Joseph's Story

    Episode 4

    Watch Joseph’s story, who was fearless and knew that God was always with him. Joseph’s fearlessness got him promoted to be the person in charge of the food reserve in the whole of Egypt!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 5 | Moses's Story

    Episode 5

    Watch Moses' story, who conquered his fear of confronting the Israelites and Pharaoh. God protected and encouraged him so that he was able to obey God fearlessly.

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 6 | Joshua & Caleb's Story

    Episode 6

    Look into the story of Joshua and Caleb, who did not fear to tell the truth about what God had prepared for His people in the promised land. They knew God was on their side!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 7 | Zelophehad's Daughters' Story

    Episode 7

    Look into the story of the Zelophehad’s daughters, Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milkah, and Tirzah. Their fearlessness in knowing God was with them allowed them to make historical significance!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 8 | Jonah's Story

    Episode 8

    Dive into the story of Jonah, who was afraid of being killed by the mean people in Nineveh. After being reminded of God’s protection, Jonah became fearless and when he obeyed God, Nineveh was saved!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 9 | Ruth's Story

    Episode 9

    Learn about Ruth, who made God her place of safety. Her fearlessness in God also carries a beautiful story of God’s redemption in her family!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 10 | Gideon's Story

    Episode 10

    Look into the story of Gideon, who led a small army to a miraculous victory with just trumpets and smashed jars! Watch his story of fearlessness in knowing God is on their side no matter the circumstances.

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 11 | Hannah's Story

    Episode 11

    Look into the story of Hannah, who turned to God in prayer when she was feeling alone and afraid. God loves a bold prayer or two, and He loves to see them through – just like He did in Hannah’s life!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 12 | David's Story

    Episode 12

    Learn about the story of David, who knew that his battles were fought with God by his side. Knowing that made him a fearless man of God!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 13 | King Josiah's Story

    Episode 13

    Watch this episode to learn how King Josiah was fearless in accomplishing the impossible because he trusted that God had placed him exactly where he needed to be!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 14 | Elijah's Story

    Episode 14

    Take a look into the story of Elijah, who performed a fiery miracle to show others that God was the one true God! His story teaches us that we should never be afraid, as God will always come through for us.

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 15 | Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego's Story

    Episode 15

    Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego honoured God and didn’t fear dangers of this world. They could call on God at any time and He would come rescue them!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 16 | Daniel's Story

    Episode 16

    Watch this story of Daniel, who chose to be fearless and worship God even when there was persecution. He put his love for God over any fear and found God’s protection in every situation!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 17 | Eshter's Story

    Episode 17

    Learn about Esther, who became a queen and was fearless in standing up for what is right. Her story reminds us that God has a great plan for all of our lives!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 18 | Nehemiah’s Story

    Episode 18

    Learn about the story of Nehemiah, who was fearless in rebuilding the Jerusalem. In his obedience to God, God protected him and watched over the people day and night!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 19 | Mary’s Story

    Episode 19

    God had a plan for Mary – she was to be the mother of Jesus! Watch this story to see how God favoured and protected her for her to take on the very important task that was given to her.

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 20 | John the Baptist’s Story

    Episode 20

    Look into the life of John the Baptist, who was called to be a preacher of the gospel! He was fearless in his speech and actions as he relied on God’s wisdom and strength.

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 21 | Peter’s Story

    Episode 21

    Watch this story of Peter, who loved Jesus but was fearful of what people would think. His story helps us learn that while we may feel afraid, God will always be our protection.

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 22 | Canaanite Woman’s Story

    Episode 22

    Look into the story of The Canaanite Woman, who was relentless in her faith. She was fearless in knowing that Jesus heals, so she cried out for Him and He answered her!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 23 | Little Boy with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish’s Story

    Episode 23

    The Little Boy never thought that his 5 loaves and 2 fish would be enough to feed five thousand, but little did he know that his “Yes” to Jesus was all that was needed for a mighty miracle!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 24 | Mary of Bethany’s Story

    Episode 24

    Mary of Bethany was a fearless worshipper. When she was in the presence of God, she didn’t care what anyone else thought, except to pour out her love for Him!