Dr. Wonder's Workshop

Dr. Wonder's Workshop

46 Episodes

Dr. Wonder's Workshop teaches kids about faith in a unique way. The show's cast is hearing-impaired, so dialogue is in American Sign Language with English voice-over. Dr. Leward Wonder runs the workshop named for him, where he and his colleagues teach the importance of developing values through stories and characters.

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Dr. Wonder's Workshop
  • Tell The Truth

    Episode 1

    Paula makes a powerful truth serum and wants to test it out on Dr. Wonder. But the truth serum bottle gets mixed up with the NOT truth serum bottle and Dr. Wonder can't stop lying!

  • Be Wise Online

    Episode 2

    Lisa orders some new supplies for the lab from a new online supplier but when the order arrives it's all messed up. Billy and Edwin buy tickets for a ball game online, only to learn they are fake. Paula's experiences were better but in the end they all decide the Internet can be a cool place, bu...

  • Be Humble

    Episode 3

    Paula's creation of a revolutionary new formula that can double the gas mileage in any car has made her famous. At first everyone congratulates her until she starts acting like a stuck up movie star. So her friends wear animal masks to show how she makes them feel – like they are not even human....

  • Accept Differences

    Episode 4

    Billy returns from vacation and begins to make fun of Edwin. Lisa and Paula can't help but laugh. Doc reminds them to be more accepting of people's differences. But when Edwin fixes Lisa's broken calculator, and shows that he loves the Cardinals as much as Billy does, Edwin is accepted – differe...

  • Keep Your Eyes Open

    Episode 5

    Edwin, the new accountant, wants to change the way the team reports expenses. Lisa and Paula are nervous about the changes, but Dr. Wonder encourages them to keep an open mind and give the new system a try. Soon they all agree the new system is easier and better than the old one.

  • A Servant's Heart

    Episode 6

    Paula's working on something in the lab. A beaker of something is heating up over a burner. She is called away by Billy to help him with something. In the meantime, the beaker boils and foams, and explodes. A cloud goes over everyone leaving orange residue on everyone's face. From that momen...

  • Be Yourself

    Episode 7

    Situation: Billy decides that he is not happy being Billy. He wants to be Dr. Wonder and have his own lab and everything. So in the first scene he shows up with a lab coat that looks just like Dr. Wonder’s. The next time he comes with a shirt and a tie that look just like Dr. Wonder’s. The th...

  • Keep Your Balance

    Episode 8

    Business is good at DWW and Dr. Wonder promotes Lisa to office manager. But she becomes overwhelmed with the work load. Billy convinces her that her life is out of balance. He urges her to talk to Dr. Wonder about hiring a new accountant to take some of that pressure off her. Dr. Wonder agrees a...

  • True Love is Unconditional

    Episode 9

    Situation: We see Billy messing up all through the week: One way or another he’s created problems for everybody that week. One morning we see him shaving, and he starts to talk to himself. (We do the thing of using the twins like he’s seeing himself in the mirror.) He says, “Today’s my birthd...

  • Keep Your Promises

    Episode 10

    Dr. Wonder promised to take his daughter to an afternoon baseball game. But Billy accidentally spills hot coffee on Lisa's back and Dr Wonder has to take her to the emergency room. When his daughter arrives at lab he's not there. She's upset that he broke his promise. On the way back home, she...

  • You Are Precious

    Episode 11

  • Be Content With What You Have

    Episode 12

    Situation: Billy loves the Cardinals and they’re in a pennant race. He gets so excited and he just overspends and overspends. He buys more and more and more until his work area is just absolutely overflowing with St. Louis Cardinals stuff. He can’t even work. Resolution: He has to learn a le...

  • Be Responsible

    Episode 13

    Billy fixes lunch and makes a mess in the microwave and on the break room table, but doesn't clean it up. Dr. Wonder finds the mess and explains to Billy that this is not . It's very important to be responsible for his things. God has given him many things and he must be responsible and depend...

  • A Team Makes it Work

    Episode 14

    Situation: Dr. Wonder is getting ready to present a major invention at a convention. He wants to do it all. The other people in the lab are willing to help him, but he doesn’t want their help because he knows they’re involved in other projects. He's going to try to do all of this on his own, b...

  • Reflect Gods Love

    Episode 15

    Situation: Lisa, the neat freak, for some reason becomes really messy. Everybody starts to copy her; the whole place becomes a mess. Dr. Wonder has to call a meeting and explain that it’s really important to show a good example to others. Resolution: When someone “falls down,” you show a good ...

  • Build Up One Another

    Episode 16

    Situation: Paula becomes mean and critical of people. She stops praising people and starts picking on each of the people in the lab at some point. Finally Dr. Wonder talks to her about trying to be positive and praising other people and how important that is. It comes out that she’s dealing wi...

  • Never Give Less Than Your Best

    Episode 17

    Situation: Billy is making something in the lab. He made it just barely “good enough” and it blows up. The other people in the lab decide they’re going to show him how that feels, so the next day Lisa brings in a cake and it looks terrible. She says, “Well, I thought it’d be good enough.” Ano...

  • Be Wise, Not Impulsive

    Episode 18

    Situation: Billy is rushing through his work quickly, just to get it done. He isn't thinking things through properly or trying to see the results of doing things haphazardly Paula asks him to make a machine to help her clean up chemical spills in the lab. But Billy's machine is put together s...

  • The Magic of Thank You

    Episode 19

    Situation: Lisa had a nice birthday party given for her, and she received a lot of nice gifts. But she fails to thank them and people think, “She must not like my gift.” The simple act of thanking someone makes a big difference. Lisa didn’t mean to be mean, she just wasn’t thinking and failed ...

  • Bully for You

    Episode 20

    Situation: One of Paula’s children comes to her; she’s having a problem at school with a bully. Paula tries to give her some good advice. Billy comes up with an idea for an invention to get back at the bully. Resolution: You can’t be mean to the bully. You have to stand up to him/her, but do...

  • Be Sensitive

    Episode 21

    Situation: Lisa breaks her leg and Paula breaks her arm. Billy can’t stop teasing and making fun of them. He’s getting a big joke out of it. But then Dr. Wonder points out to Billy that it could happen to him at any time. Billy has a dream and in his dream he sees himself as a quadriplegic in...

  • Faith Overcomes Fear

    Episode 22

    Situation: Billy is working on making the hologram table work. He’s very nervous because he’s come up with a problem and he’s afraid that he’s not going to be able to solve it. But Dr. Wonder has the knowledge, and he helps him solve the problem because Billy trusts him and has faith in him. T...