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Accept Differences


Up Next in Season 1

  • Keep Your Eyes Open

    Edwin, the new accountant, wants to change the way the team reports expenses. Lisa and Paula are nervous about the changes, but Dr. Wonder encourages them to keep an open mind and give the new system a try. Soon they all agree the new system is easier and better than the old one.

  • A Servant's Heart

    Paula's working on something in the lab. A beaker of something is heating up over a burner. She is called away by Billy to help him with something. In the meantime, the beaker boils and foams, and explodes. A cloud goes over everyone leaving orange residue on everyone's face. From that momen...

  • Be Yourself

    Situation: Billy decides that he is not happy being Billy. He wants to be Dr. Wonder and have his own lab and everything. So in the first scene he shows up with a lab coat that looks just like Dr. Wonder’s. The next time he comes with a shirt and a tie that look just like Dr. Wonder’s. The th...