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Be Responsible


Up Next in Season 1

  • A Team Makes it Work

    Situation: Dr. Wonder is getting ready to present a major invention at a convention. He wants to do it all. The other people in the lab are willing to help him, but he doesn’t want their help because he knows they’re involved in other projects. He's going to try to do all of this on his own, b...

  • Reflect Gods Love

    Situation: Lisa, the neat freak, for some reason becomes really messy. Everybody starts to copy her; the whole place becomes a mess. Dr. Wonder has to call a meeting and explain that it’s really important to show a good example to others. Resolution: When someone “falls down,” you show a good ...

  • Build Up One Another

    Situation: Paula becomes mean and critical of people. She stops praising people and starts picking on each of the people in the lab at some point. Finally Dr. Wonder talks to her about trying to be positive and praising other people and how important that is. It comes out that she’s dealing wi...