Mickey's Farm (115 Videos)

  • Baby Sparrow

    Mickey investigates a strange noise and finds a baby sparrow sitting in the grass beneath a nest of other baby sparrows. When the bird won’t fly back up to the nest, Mickey thinks it must be injured and runs for help. Megan and Shelley the Sparrow teach Mickey that falling from the nest is norma...

  • Swan

    Mickey decides to play with his new toy boat in the duck pond, but when he gets there, he sees an animal he's never seen before and wonders if it lost its way. Mickey learns what swans are from Megan and Sandra the swan.

  • Cockatoo

    Mickey decides to do a little bird watching through the window in the playroom, where a visiting cockatoo is staying. Mickey keeps hearing his name being called. But he's confused since the voice is coming from inside the playroom and no one else is around. Corey the Cockatoo explains that Cockat...

  • Mouse

    Mickey sets out to hide Easter Eggs around the farm but runs into a little difficulty when he tries to roll an egg into a hole in the barn wall and it keeps rolling out. Megan and Mattie the Mouse show Mickey that not all holes are hiding spots – some are homes!

  • Skiing

    Mickey heads to his favourite hill to go sliding but is concerned when he discovers what he believes to be Megan's sleigh in pieces. Megan and Steevski and Stuski the Skis explain that those pieces are skis and poles and Mickey learns about skiing.

  • Guide Dog

    Mickey does his best to play with a visitor’s German Shepherd but doesn’t have any luck when the dog won’t leave his owner’s side. Megan and Cecil the Seeing-Eye Dog show Mickey all the important things seeing-eye dogs do for their owners.

  • Train

    While looking for the perfect hiking trail Mickey stumbles across a train track, which he mistakes for a giant ladder that fell from the sky. And when a train comes along Mickey thinks it's a giant sky monster! Mickey later meets Chester the Choo-Choo Train who explains the importance of trains. ...

  • Seal

    Mickey hears a barking animal on the beach and thinks it’s a dog. Megan and Samuel the Seal show Mickey that dogs aren’t the only animals who bark.

  • Raccoon

    When Mickey's camping snacks keep disappearing, he launches an investigation and concludes there is a masked thief on the farm. Megan and Ruffus the Raccoon teach Mickey that Raccoons like to eat what others leave behind, which is what Ruffus thought Mickey was doing with the snacks.

  • Chameleon

    Mickey is excited to play with a new animal visiting the farm - a pet chameleon. But when it looks as if the chameleon has disappeared, Mickey thinks she might be lost. Clara the Chameleon shows Mickey how chameleons change colour to blend in with their surroundings. So she wasn't lost at all, sh...

  • Swimming

    Mickey sees his duck friends in the pond and wants to play with them only to discover he’s afraid of the water. Megan and Doug the Dog show Mickey all the different animals that love to swim – even Doug the Dog.

  • Letters to Santa

    Mickey tries to deliver some letters to Santa and becomes convinced the mailbox is broken. Megan, Melvin the Mailbox and Santa teach Mickey how mailboxes are really used and how letters reach Santa.

  • Elephant

    Mickey goes to the pond for a swim. He's surprised to see a giant creature with big ears and a water-sucking hose for a nose. Mickey thinks this creature might be taking all the water from the farm. But Ed the Elephant assures Mickey he was only spraying water to cool off and there is plenty of w...

  • Frogs

    Mickey and Megan love going down to the pond to feed the fish. Fish have fins and a tail to help them swim in the water! Mickey decides to visit the fish and see if they're hungry but when he gets to the pond he sees a strange looking fish in the water. It's green and it has long legs - but fish ...

  • Fire Truck

    When Mickey follows a Dalmatian to a fire station and gets shooed away, he decides to dress up like a spotted dog but still doesn't have any luck getting into the fire station. Megan and Dooly the Dalmatian show Mickey why Dalmatians are sometimes found in fire stations.

  • Cat

    Mickey investigates a disturbing sound coming from the barn. He discovers what he thinks is a city cat and chases it away from the farm. Megan and Kit the Cat show Mickey how he and Kit have something in common.

  • Singing Robin

    Mickey tries to sing like a robin but isn’t very successful. Megan and Reginald the Robin help Mickey understand that everybody has unique abilities which make them special.

  • Soccer

    Mickey has been taught that kicking is not very nice, so when he sees some kids kicking a ball, he tries to stop it. Megan and Baxter the Ball show Mickey a game where kicking is okay.

  • Snowman

    Mickey discovers a snowman who he thinks stole Megan’s mittens. Megan and Simon the Snowman explain how Simon got the mittens.

  • Rooster

    Mickey decides to give the farm rooster a break, so he dresses up like a rooster and tries to wake everybody up. Megan and Rex the Rooster teach Mickey why some jobs should be left to the animals that are good at doing them.

  • Recital

    When Mickey sits outside the window and sings along with a boy playing the piano inside, the boy shuts the window so Mickey can’t hear him play. Megan and Penelope the Piano teach Mickey the importance of practice time.

  • Chicken

    Mickey sees a chicken up on top of the farmhouse, thinks it’s stuck up there, and tries to get it down. Megan and Chandra the Chicken show Mickey how the chicken got up there and why.

  • Owl

    Mickey was kept awake all night by a strange sound and sets out to investigate where it was coming from. Megan and Otis the Owl teach Mickey that some animals stay up all night and sleep all day.

  • Flamingo

    Mickey and Megan are going to the carnival today and he can't wait! Last time the carnival was in town, they had cotton candy and it was pink and delicious! Cotton candy comes on a stick and Mickey is going to find his very own stick on the farm for his cotton candy. On his search he sees a flami...