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Up Next in Mickey's Farm (115 Videos)

  • Raccoon

    When Mickey's camping snacks keep disappearing, he launches an investigation and concludes there is a masked thief on the farm. Megan and Ruffus the Raccoon teach Mickey that Raccoons like to eat what others leave behind, which is what Ruffus thought Mickey was doing with the snacks.

  • Chameleon

    Mickey is excited to play with a new animal visiting the farm - a pet chameleon. But when it looks as if the chameleon has disappeared, Mickey thinks she might be lost. Clara the Chameleon shows Mickey how chameleons change colour to blend in with their surroundings. So she wasn't lost at all, sh...

  • Swimming

    Mickey sees his duck friends in the pond and wants to play with them only to discover he’s afraid of the water. Megan and Doug the Dog show Mickey all the different animals that love to swim – even Doug the Dog.