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Up Next in Mickey's Farm (115 Videos)

  • Cockatoo

    Mickey decides to do a little bird watching through the window in the playroom, where a visiting cockatoo is staying. Mickey keeps hearing his name being called. But he's confused since the voice is coming from inside the playroom and no one else is around. Corey the Cockatoo explains that Cockat...

  • Mouse

    Mickey sets out to hide Easter Eggs around the farm but runs into a little difficulty when he tries to roll an egg into a hole in the barn wall and it keeps rolling out. Megan and Mattie the Mouse show Mickey that not all holes are hiding spots – some are homes!

  • Skiing

    Mickey heads to his favourite hill to go sliding but is concerned when he discovers what he believes to be Megan's sleigh in pieces. Megan and Steevski and Stuski the Skis explain that those pieces are skis and poles and Mickey learns about skiing.