Bible In A Year:  The Daily Devo Show

Bible In A Year: The Daily Devo Show

66 books… hundreds of stories… and ONE COMPLETE PICTURE of God’s love for us! Join us as we take you in order all the way from “In the beginning” in Genesis to “Amen” in Revelation.

Bible In A Year:  The Daily Devo Show
  • #422 - Bible 101

    Before diving in to our epic journey through the Bible this year, Cameron provides some helpful tips and background to prepare your heart for where we're headed. Are you excited? WE ARE!

  • #423 - In the Beginning...

    Julia kicks things off with a look at God creating EVERYTHING! Colleen faces messy ketchup squirts if she can't stack her cups in time.

  • #424 - Man & Woman

    Michael shares about one of God's most favorite parts of creation: US!

  • #426 - Cain & Abel

    Brittani is back to share with us a tale of two brothers. And stick around to see if Colleen has mastered the Ketchup Cup-Stacking Challenge!

  • #427 - Noah's Ark

    Maybe you've heard this one before? Noel shares the story and explains why rainbows are awesome! Also, Colleen tackles the Valentine Bullseye Challenge.

  • #428 - God calls Abram

    God makes a HUGE promise to Abram! (And it's also a little scary... and it seems to be taking a really, really long time to kick in...)

  • #429 - Books of The Bible

    Do YOU have all the books of the Bible memorized? Sing along with us on this extra-special Worship Wednesday!

  • #430 - Hagar vs. Sarai

    Julia takes us through this complicated story that reveals that even when we can't get along... GOD LOVES US ANYWAY. (What a relief!)

  • #432 - Offering of Isaac

    Just as Abraham is settling in to his role as Isaac's dad... God asks Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. WHAT WILL ABRAHAM DO?! Join Brittani as she shares this tense story, and Colleen as she attempts a new skateboarding trick!

  • #433 - Finding of Rebekah

    When Isaac struggles to find a suitable wife, Abraham's servant takes an EPIC JOURNEY to track down the perfect wife.

  • #434 - Always Be There

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Michael introduces us to Yancy's awesome worship song, "Always Be There"!

  • #435 - Jacob and Esau

    Abraham had Isaac... and now Isaac has Jacob and Esau. Cameron tells us the tale of two brothers.

  • #437 - Go Go Go Joseph!

    Welcome to "Joseph Week!" Noel introduces us to Jacob's 11th son who starts high with a bright coat, but hits rock bottom ending in slavery.

  • #438 - Scandal at Potiphar's House

    Michael shares the next chapter in the Joseph story-- being framed for something he did not do!

  • #440 - Joseph In Jail

    Julia tells how even in jail Joseph flourishes, interpreting dreams for others. Is he really going to be stuck in jail forever?!

  • #441 - Joseph Confronts His Bros

    Joseph's brothers come to him in desparate need... but they don't recognize him. Will Joseph treat them kindly, or get revenge?

  • #442 - And Now... Exodus!

    New Book Alert! Exodus starts with a new pharoah in power in Egypt... one who HATES the Israelites! Noel sets the stage while Colleen tries to fill her "head-bucket" on "The Juice Drop!"

  • #443 - Meet Moses

    Join Julia for the early years of Moses' life from being born, adopted, becoming a farmer, and then being called by God!

  • #444 - God Has a Plan

    Sing along with Brittani and the "Make Some Noise Kids" anthem, "God Has A Plan."

  • #445 - Uh Oh... Plagues!

    Cameron gets some help from Noel to tell the story of the 10 Plagues God sent down on Pharoah and the Egyptians.

  • #446 - Passover

    Michael unpacks this complicated story that is both sad and INCREDIBLY HOPEFUL in how it paves the way for Jesus' life! Also, is Colleen really going to have to drink that stuff?! It's a nail-biter to the bitter end.

  • #447 - Crossing the Red Sea

    Pharaoh on one side, water on the other... WHAT WILL THE ISRAELITES DO?! Join Julia for this epic story of God's love. As for Colleen, watch as she transforms into a human bowling ball!

  • #449 - We Are Family

    Time for a mid-week worship break! Michael introduces us to this great song from Kidspring, and Colleen attempts an "exploding bowling ball" technique.

  • #450 - 10 commandments

    Noel tells us the story of just how we got the 10 Commandments! It's a little more complicated than you might think.