Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Fishing in Chocolate Milk?

9m 59s

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  • Aerial Bass Blowups

    In this video my extended family comes over for thanksgiving and watches me feed my pet bass. My uncle brought his drone with him and filmed the shad getting nailed as I reeled them across the water. There is no hook on the line and the shad comes off as soon as the fish grab it.

  • Monster Bass Eat Giant Shad!!

    In this video I show what I have been doing for almost seven years now. Go to a pond that is overrun with shad, cast net hundreds of them, bag them up and then feed them to my pet bass. This time I caught a few giant shad that are great to feed to the 7-8lbers that are in my pond. I filmed some r...

  • Epic Frog Blowups!

    This video features a compilation of bass blowing up on hollow body frogs that I've filmed the past few months. These videos are filmed in local ponds but are not "trained" fish. I did lose a lot of fish because of most of the bass eating the frog were smaller. This video was filmed with a Sony R...