The Fish Whisperer

The Fish Whisperer

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Join Kyle “The Fish Whisperer” in this YouTube-style series as he goes on fishing adventures, does turtle ASMR, and feeds the fish in his pond!

The Fish Whisperer
  • Fishing in the Pond

    Episode 309

    This video is about me fishing for bluegill and catfish in my backyard pond with my browning spinning reel with 10 pound power pro braid. I caught a bunch of bluegill along with a 4 lb channel catfish. It surprised me when I caught this channel catfish when I was mostly fishing for bluegill. I ho...

  • Fishing in Matagorda 2013

    Episode 311

    This is my fishing trip to Matagorda this past week. I caught 5 reds over 36" and the biggest was 43". Also, I caught about 15 gaftops and a couple of small sharks. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed the trip. Hopefully I will go back next year and catch even bigger fish.

  • Fishing for Longnose Gar on the Brazos River

    Episode 312

    This is me and my friend bradley fishing at the brazos river near sealy,tx. We were using shad and mullet for bait. The biggest gar we caught we got pictures of but not video. It was around 25-30 lbs and 4 to 5 feet long.

  • Fishing for Big Catfish on a Small Pole

    Episode 313

    I am using this tiny batman pole with 4 lb line to bring in this monster channel catfish thats probably 10-12 lbs. I was using cut shad as bait and a size 2 j hook. This was a fun long fight on this pole but I knew I could get him in if I take my time.

  • Fishing For Big Bluegill With a Homemade Fishing Pole

    Episode 314

    This is me fishing down at my pond for bluegill with a pole I made. At the end I hook up with a catfish and it breaks off.

  • Fish Love These!!

    Episode 315

    In this video I feed the fish in the pond some high protein fish pellets. The catfish love them and the bass and turtles eat them too.

  • Feeding the Fish While it's Flooded!

    Episode 316

    In this video, the pond that I feed the fish in rose because of a bunch of rain and I didn't feed the bass for three days! The water finally went down enough to where I could feed them and they were really hungry. The turtles also wanted a share of the food too!!

  • Feeding the Fish in the Rain!

    Episode 317

    In this video, it is raining and I feed the fish a bag of shad and they eat really well!! They seemed active even though the water was cold!

  • Feeding the Fish in Pouring Rain!

    Episode 318

    In this video I catch shad and then feed the fish and turtles in the pond. It started to pour down on me when I was feeding them but they didn’t seem to mind!

  • Feeding the Bass Live Shad!

    Episode 319

    In this video I cast net shad and put them in a big bucket with an aerator to keep them alive. Then I bring them back to the bass and let them go and the bass destroy them. Thank y’all for suggesting this video to me!

  • Creek Bass Love Lizards!

    Episode 321

    In this video, I go to a local creek and fished with a Texas rigged zoom lizard. I ended up catching a few in the deep holes of the creek.

  • What Should I Name This Catfish?

    Episode 396

    In this video I feed the fish when the water is chilly and the turtles are not active. The bass are pretty well though and the big catfish was really hungry.

  • WEIRD Fish Caught by Hand!

    Episode 395

    In this video I go to a local urban creek in Houston and it is full of plecostomus! These aquarium sucker fish were everywhere and my friend and I caught two by hand!

  • Urban Pond Fishing

    Episode 394

    Urban ponds are overlooked for good bass fishing but sometimes can be really good. I was using a 6th sense crush 25x crankbait which is my favorite for fishing pressured ponds. The fish were getting ready to spawn and were sitting at the end of spawning flats because it was warmer cause of the su...

  • Underwater Fish Feeding!

    Episode 393

    In this video I use a GoPro to film some underwater footage of the fish and turtles eating. Please leave a thumbs up to see more underwater videos!

  • Twin 200lb+ Alligator Gar!

    Episode 392

    In this video I fish in the trinity river for the prehistoric alligator gar. We found a really good spot and after an hour hooked up to one giant gar over 7 feet and then while we were landing it hooked another one even bigger!

  • Turtles Love Turkey!

    Episode 391

    In this video I go to a local creek in hopes of catching largemouth and guadalupe bass. The fish were hungry and i ended up catching around 15 bass!

  • Turtles Are Ferocious!

    Episode 390

    In this video, I head down to the pond with a bag of shad to feed the fish and there turtles. The bass weren’t too hungry but the turtles were devouring every shad that they could.

  • Turtle Love Fish Pellets!

    Episode 389

    In this video, I feed the turtles and fish some Aquamax fish pellets. These pellets are very high protein and pond creatures devour them!

  • Turtle ASMR

    Episode 388

    In this video I combine ASMR with the regular turtle feeding videos that I make. They made loud crunching noises as they ate their favorite foods.

  • Topwater Speckled Trout in the Surf

    Episode 387

    Yesterday morning the surf flattened out so me and a friend went to catch some speckled trout. It was a little tough at first but we found a school and then starting catching them every cast. The topwater I was using is a 6th sense lures Dogma 100 in baby shad and they were destroying it. We caug...

  • Topwater Huge Bass Blowups!

    Episode 386

    In this video, I feed the pet largemouth bass a bunch of threadfin and gizzard shad and film it all in slow mo. The bass are veracious and often eat the shad as soon and they hit the water.

  • Top 10 Bass Blowups of 2019!

    Episode 385

    In this video, I feature the best bass blowup videos that I filmed throughout 2019. These are my pet bass and the shad on the line does not have a hook in it.

  • Top 10 Bass Blowups Of 2017!

    Episode 384

    This video is what I think are the top 10 bass Blowups that I filmed in 2017!!