The Fish Whisperer

The Fish Whisperer

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Join Kyle “The Fish Whisperer” in this YouTube-style series as he goes on fishing adventures, does turtle ASMR, and feeds the fish in his pond!

The Fish Whisperer
  • Bass Fishing with Spro Frogs

    Episode 1

    This is me down at my pond bass fishing with a green spro frog. I caught four and lost one. I purchased these at bass pro shop and they come in many different colors. They are a great bait especially when you add a weedless hook on it

  • Bass Fishing with a Livetarget Frog

    Episode 2

    I caught this nice bass on a frog right before a storm hit. She inhaled it while I was twitching it and then got hung up in a bunch of weeds. It would not budge so I had to wade out and lip it and bring it in.

  • Bass Fishing with 6th Sense Swimbaits

    Episode 3

    Hollow body swimbaits are one of my favorite ways to catch bass in ponds. I fished a local pond yesterday and couldn't find any fish up shallow so I started fishing deep. I put on a 4" 6th sense core x swimbait on a 1/8 oz jighead and almost the first cast off of a point I caught one. They love t...

  • Bass Fishing the Guadalupe River

    Episode 4

    I spent this past weekend on the guadalupe river in a house near lake mcqueeney. The place has a boat dock and that is where I did most of my fishing. The river had risen a lot and the first day was the highest. I caught over 30 bass over the weekend there with most being the Texas state fish gua...

  • Bass Fishing The Comal River Landa Park New Braunfels Texas

    Episode 5

    I spent this past weekend at a house near lake mcqueeney. We went up to landa park for a few hours and I knew I could catch some fish there. It is extremely clear and I could see the bass stacked up on the bottom. They wouldn't even look at a rage craw or senko so I broke out the fairy wand with ...

  • Bass Fishing Mary Jo Peckham Park

    Episode 6

    I had an awesome spawning season at a public park near me! The first bass in the video was caught on a jig and weighed 7lbs11oz. Then it shows the jig I used which is an m-pack 3/8oz spring craw. The second fish at around 4lbs was caught on a pumpkin senko. The next bass was the first spawning fi...

  • Bass Feeding Live!

    Episode 7

    Bass Feeding Live!

  • Bass Blowups On Shad

    Episode 8

    Bass Blowups On Shad

  • Bass Are Vicious!

    Episode 9

    In this video, I hand feed huge largemouth bass in the pond and one bites my thumb. The turtles and catfish also got fed shad and fish pellets. Hope y’all enjoyed the video!

  • Bass Are Bullies

    Episode 10

    The turtles started to get really aggressive when I was feeding my bass so I decided to give them some food. I attempt to feed the turtles shad and the bass end up stealing all of them.

  • Amazing Shad Drone Footage-Cast to Feed

    Episode 11

    In this video, I use my brand new drone to get some awesome shots of cast netting shad and then go feed my pet bass with the shad I catch.

  • Aerial Bass Blowups

    Episode 12

    In this video my extended family comes over for thanksgiving and watches me feed my pet bass. My uncle brought his drone with him and filmed the shad getting nailed as I reeled them across the water. There is no hook on the line and the shad comes off as soon as the fish grab it.

  • 14lb Grass Carp Caught with a Fly Rod

    Episode 13

    I bought a new fly rod and this is the first video I've made with it. There had been some big grass carp feeding along the bank and I thought I could catch one on a fly. I saw one and put the fly right in front of his face and he sucked it in. I was using 10lb tippet and it took me an hour and 45...

  • 1000 Shiners vs. Hungry Bass!

    Episode 14

    In this video, I get 1000 shiners to feed to the pet bass and catfish in the pond. They ate quite a few and a lot swam away too!

  • Throwing in a Whole Bag of Shad at Once!

    Episode 15

    Throwing in a Whole Bag of Shad at Once!

  • Time to Feed the Fish!

    Episode 16

    In this video i haven’t fed the fish and turtles in a week and they are super hungry! They devoured all of the shad I had and we’re very aggressive!

  • Top 10 Bass Blowups of 2016!

    Episode 17

    2016 was an awesome year filled with epic bass videos. Here's my top 10 choices for the best blowups I filmed this year. They range from huge explosions on shad to turtle knockouts and then even one jumping through a hoop. Hopefully 2017 will be even better!

  • Top 10 Bass Blowups Of 2017!

    Episode 18

    This video is what I think are the top 10 bass Blowups that I filmed in 2017!!

  • Top 10 Bass Blowups of 2019!

    Episode 19

    In this video, I feature the best bass blowup videos that I filmed throughout 2019. These are my pet bass and the shad on the line does not have a hook in it.

  • Topwater Huge Bass Blowups!

    Episode 20

    In this video, I feed the pet largemouth bass a bunch of threadfin and gizzard shad and film it all in slow mo. The bass are veracious and often eat the shad as soon and they hit the water.

  • Topwater Speckled Trout in the Surf

    Episode 21

    Yesterday morning the surf flattened out so me and a friend went to catch some speckled trout. It was a little tough at first but we found a school and then starting catching them every cast. The topwater I was using is a 6th sense lures Dogma 100 in baby shad and they were destroying it. We caug...

  • Best Bass Blowups of 2018!

    Episode 22

    In this video I feature the 10 best bass blowups that I filmed from this past year. These were filmed in a pond and the fish are trained to eat shad.

  • Big Alligator Gar Caught from a Kayak!

    Episode 23

    Big Alligator Gar Caught from a Kayak!

  • BIG Bass Can Jump!

    Episode 24

    In this video I bag up the shad I just caught and then go to the pond to get some epic bass blowup action! Even though these bass are fat and around 4-9lbs they still fly out of the water to eat the shad!!