The Bethkes (10 Videos)

  • Shine Your Light

    Camping time! Jeff and the kids prep for a camp out in the garage. Jeff teaches the kids a lesson about God’s light and how we can shine our own light through acts of kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

  • Sweet as Honey

    Alyssa hosts a family tea party where honey is the central ingredient. Later Jeff joins for a fun lesson about why the Bible describes God’s word as being ‘sweeter than honey.’ The day ends with a special visit to a foggy forest above the clouds!

  • In Christ & In Cars

    What does “In Christ” even mean?! Today we’re taking the fam out for some delicious “exploding” boba tea and in the car ride, explore this important phrase! And stick around for the scooter race at the end of the day!

  • Following The Path

    Today we’re learning all about paths, and we’ll start by exploring a huge one that goes all around Maui. There may even be a surprise stop at the beach for swimming!

  • Birthday-Sized Love

    Today is EXTRA special because it's our daughter Kinsley's 6th birthday! Come celebrate with us as we shower her with love, catch some awesome birthday waves, and give our girl the biggest birthday blessings we got!

  • Goodness & Mercy

    Today's adventure takes the fam to the beach for a snorkel and some honu (sea turtle) spotting! When we get home, we'll talk about God's goodness and mercy, and how they chase us throughout our lives -- And what better way to do that then through a game of tag?!

  • Waves of Grace

    It's field trip day in the Bethke house, and today, we're going SURFING! Come join the fun as we hit the beach and then head home to talk about how waves in the ocean are just like God's grace!

  • Butterflies and Beauty

    Jeff and Alyssa take the kids up the mountain to see if they can catch some butterflies. After their adventure, they head home for a relaxing afternoon and Kinsley shares some amazing facts about butterflies! It is so much fun to marvel at all of the natural wonders that God gives us every day!

  • Making Bread + Breaking Bread

    Today the Bethke family works together to make yummy bread to share at dinner. After some trampoline jumping and super hero cameos, Jeff and Kinsley explore how making bread is a lot like being a part of God’s family!

  • Faith Goggles

    Jeff surprises Kinsley with a daddy-daughter snorkeling trip! When they rejoin the family later, it’s time for a fun lesson on how “Faith” is like wearing goggles in the ocean.