Shows Featuring God's Creation

  • The Bethkes #10 - God's Earth

    Kinsley & Kannon lead the family on a safari-style adventure revealing the beauty of God’s creation on the island of Maui! After a thorough investigation of their neighborhood, Kinsley and Jeff travel road to Hana, and zipline their way around the northern part of the island.

  • The World is Yours

    1 season

    A dynamic series for the whole family that circles the globe taking viewers on an exciting journey of discovery. We’ll visit different continents, countries, cities and towns, and explore their unique cultures, history, attractions, sports, art, food, music, and much more.

  • Wild About Animals

    1 season

    Animals! Habitats! And MORE! We love learning about new furry creatures and we hope you do too! In this series, you will be wild about all different kinds of animals in various habitats around the world! Follow Mariette Hartley as she takes you around the globe to discover all sorts of animals.

  • The Moores - Dark Caves and Tight Places

    Today, we face our fear of the dark as we head to the beach to check out some crazy dark caves! Later, we'll head up a mountain for some nighttime ATV adventures!

  • Day at the Beach

    Today, the fam heads to the shores of the mighty Columbia River for some fun in the sun! Then, we dry off and head back to the studio for another awesome jam about our day at the beach!

  • I Learned To Fly... No Seriously I Did!

    With surfing checked off the list of must-do San Diego activities, it’s time to move from the water to the land. Join Christian and his two young buddies as they take a lesson from a pro sand sculptor and learn how to build the world’s most EPIC sandcastle. Next, watch Christian learn to FLY! Sor...

  • Learn about the Continents of the World with Peter Planet

    Peter Planet is a Super Geek Hero on a mission to learn. In this mission he discovers the seven Continents of the World using phonics, as the Earth rotates, linking the continents, seas and oceans together. A great way to have fun learning all about our beautiful planet.

  • Learn about the Weather and Seasons with Peter Planet

    Peter Planet is a Super Geek Hero on a mission to learn. In this mission he plants a sunflower seed and talks about the weather and the four seasons using phonics, as the flower grows. A great way to have fun learning all about the sun, rain, wind and snow during Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall) and...

  • Learn about Helping our Planet with Peter Planet

    Peter Planet is a Super Geek Hero on a mission to learn. In this episode he takes off in his super spaceship to look down upon our beautiful planet. Using the ship's computer screen he shows his top ten tips how we can help protect the environment and save energy to keep the Earth fit and healthy!

  • Learn about the Solar System with Peter Planet

    Peter Planet is a Super Geek Hero on a mission to learn. In this mission he takes off in his super space ship and discovers the eight planets that orbit the sun in our solar system.

  • Zoo Clues
    1 season

    Zoo Clues

    1 season

    Learning new things is fun! Love animals? Love trivia? Love animals WITH trivia?? Hold onto your hats as we take you through the animal kingdom’s most mind-blowing questions. Are you ready to see if you can answer these questions and become the animal trivia master?

  • Lane Brigade - Farm Games!

    For today’s games, we’re going DOWN ON THE FARM! Join us from The Cedar House in Texas for milking, chicken chasing, even something called mutton busting?! (We don’t know what that is, but we’re about to find out!)

  • Oppa Kêki

    1 season

    Oppa Kêki follows the adventures of a tortoise that doesn't like getting wet and a claustrophobic armadillo. Together, they put on their backpack-shells and explore the Amazon's ecosystem, discovering new things that help them face their daily dilemmas.

  • Watch it Grow

    Listen to this beautiful song all about God's creation growing!

  • Camping

    A camping adventure and Mac and Cheese for dinner! On this episode of Life of Riley, I go to Fools Hollow Lake with my family.

  • Pets in Paradise TV

    1 season

    A series the whole family will watch together! From heart-warming stories, educational facts, pet care tips, Pets in Paradise TV explores the special people between animals and humans with a goal of improving the relationship between people and their pets.

  • Cam's Adventures

    1 season

    Cam from The Yippee Show is home with his family, and he is getting up to some CRAZY adventures! Come along for the ride in this Youtube-style vlog show!

  • Kinderzoo
    1 season


    1 season

    Kinderzoo is an inspirational series of 12 minute TV programmes, designed to stimulate and educate 2 – 6 year old pre-school children in a highly entertaining manner. Set in a fictitious ‘open’ wildlife reserve (the Kinderzoo), the theme of conservation through education is promoted by using wild...

  • Travs Travels

    1 season

    Trav travels the world to bring you the best in animal facts and conservation efforts.

  • Planting a Seed

    The class are being measured by Mr O'Dear to see how much they've grown. They're all getting bigger, but their poor plant isn't growing.

  • Making Tracks

    After hurting his leg playing football, Conor has to use a crutch and isn't able to walk very far. This gets the children thinking about how different animals get around.

  • The Fish Whisperer

    1 season

    Join Kyle “The Fish Whisperer” in this YouTube-style series as he goes on fishing adventures, does turtle ASMR, and feeds the fish in his pond!

  • Petting Zoo

    Funny Man Dan gets to meet loads of new animal friends as he explores the petting zoo. He even faces his fears to milks a cow! So don’t be sheepish, grab your explorer gear and let’s go!

  • The Flood

    It tells the story of Noah building the ark; the flood that killed everyone except Noah's family and the animals in the ark; and God's promise of not destroying the world with a flood once again (via the rainbow).