Pets in Paradise TV

Pets in Paradise TV

22 Episodes

A series the whole family will watch together! From heart-warming stories, educational facts, pet care tips, Pets in Paradise TV explores the special people between animals and humans with a goal of improving the relationship between people and their pets.

Pets in Paradise TV
  • Surfing Pig

    Episode 1

    We'll witness how a small dog’s journey home survived the odds. Ten we head to the Booboo Zoo where we learn how one man's love for animals actually saved the love of his life. If you're thinking about getting a French bull dog we'll teach you all you need to know in our segment called “All About...

  • Dock Dogs

    Episode 2

    We'll do a breakdown on a wet dog shake and learn the science behind it. Then we'll witness one man’s mission to save the wild Zebra Doves. Learn all about the world’s smallest dog breed, the Chihuahua. Plus, find out all about the K9 sport of Dock Diving. Learn how to get your dog to do it.

  • Surfing Dogs

    Episode 3

    Our first segment is for the birds; ducks specifically. Evidently they make great pets but make sure you have lots of cleaning supplies. Then we witness the power of healing through therapeutic horsemanship, and we’ll find out what breed of dogs are named after the butterfly along with the reason...

  • Frisbee Dogs

    Episode 4

    We’ll learn the motivation behind a dog while it chases a Frisbee and how you can get yours to do the same. Then we’ll get to know a 2000 pound loveable pet that just wants his back scratched and to be fed (watch your toes). Plus, we’ll learn about living jewels that can actually live over a 100 ...

  • Skateboarding Dogs

    Episode 5

    We meet a K9 with an obsession for a skateboard. Then we witness how the power of love turned a neglected dog’s life around for the better. We’ll also learn the origin of the Portuguese water dog, plus meet a rescued goat who becomes a loyal hiking partner.

  • Bow Wow Vows

    Episode 6

    Just how smart is a chicken? You might be surprised what we learn at a chicken training class. Then we witness how one prison is using the power of dog love to help its inmates. From shedding to its bite measured in pounds, we’ll learn all about the German Shepherd, plus we’re invited to an unusu...

  • Poop Scoop

    Episode 7

    We’ll follow Ali the Poo Princes as she rids the world of dog waste one scoop at a time, then we’ll witness how a kitten survived a hit and run with the help of a few dedicated animal lovers. Plus, everything you need to know about the German Shepherd to see if it’s right for your family, then le...

  • Wiener Dog Race

    Episode 8

    Lose something? Train your dog to find it with his noise in a scent detection workshop that will show you all the ins and outs of sniffing. And we’ll show you everything you need to know to own a horse, from feeding, grooming, medical, and behavior. Then we are off to the races - that is the wien...

  • K9 Rescue Unit

    Episode 9

    We’ll learn just how the black cat got its reputation of being bad luck, then we’ll watch the Hawaii K9 civil defense unit do their monthly training. From disaster reenactments to repelling of cliffs to finding lost people, these dogs are truly super heroes. Plus we’ll learn just what’s going on ...

  • Airport Dogs

    Episode 10

    We learn how the Honolulu airport uses the beagle’s strong since of smell to make sure no unwanted plants and animals make their way onto an airplane. Then it’s off to the Polo games where we’ll learn how the horse and its rider work together for a winning team. Plus we’ll meet Abbie, an Australi...

  • Momma Dog

    Episode 11

    We’ll watch as two dog trainers team up to help a dog named Caser with his aggressive issues on other dogs. Then we’ll learn everything you need to know about the Labradoodle to see if that’s the breed for you. Find out what an Earth dog is and if your dog is one of them. Plus we’ll witness how o...

  • Agility Dog

    Episode 12

    Find out what it takes to get your dog to be an agility dog. From puppies to full grown, we’ll learn all about the Dachshund aka, wiener dogs. Plus we’ll find out how much time and love goes into training a service dog.

  • Dogs on Boards

    Episode 13

    We’re covering skateboarding to surfing! We meet Bali, a 6-year-old Jack-A-Bee that is a fixture on the beach of Waikiki, then we’ll witness a dog and a rabbit’s unbreakable bond, then find out how these surfing dogs are helping to save other dogs’ and cats’ lives. Plus, we’ll learn all about th...

  • Pet Photo Shoot

    Episode 14

    We’ll hear all about a dog named Kumo and how a backyard accident sent his family into a tailspin and see how they overcame it. Some cats, when you pick them up, turn into a wild, frantic writhing mass of fur and claws – but not the Rag Doll cat. We’ll learn other interesting facts about this bre...

  • Young Dogs, Old Dogs

    Episode 15

    Learn why adopting an older dog can make your life easier than getting a puppy. Find out if the Labrador Retriever is the dog for your family in “It’s All About the Breed”. Then witness how a Chihuahua got the name “Hell on Wheels” and how she goes from wheel chair to walking on her own legs.

  • Dogs on the Job

    Episode 16

    Find what the pros and cons of a pure bred dog and a mixed breed. We follow a couple Beagles as they do their job finding bugs. Learn what it takes for a dog to become a full-fledged service dog, plus find out if the Italian Greyhound is the dog for your family on “It’s All About the Breed”.

  • The Truth About Pit Bulls

    Episode 17

    Learn all the real facts about the Pit Bull and why it has such a bad reputation. Find out if the Dalmatian is the right dog for your family in “It’s All About the Breed”. We witness a lucky break for a rooster with a broken leg, from surgery to healing. Plus, find out what to do if your dog gets...

  • Pig of My Dreams

    Episode 18

    We'll witness how a surfing pig made a little girl's wish come true, from Idaho to Hawaii the journey was worth it. Then we’ll learn all about the Boxer in “It’s All About the Breed”. Plus, we’ll see what it takes to rescue a blind horse.

  • Doggy Boot Camp

    Episode 19

    We'll witness a day-in-the-life at an animal RE hospital, then we’ll follow an overweight dog as he goes though doggy weight loss boot camp and find out if he’s a looser or a gainer, plus we’ll learn all about the Bearded Collie in “It’s All About the Breed”.

  • Good Boy

    Episode 20

    We meet Mad Max, an 80 pound Rottweiler who bit his neighbor. Now his life depends on learning right from wrong – we’ll find out if he’s got what it takes to be a good boy. Then we’ll learn all about the Corgi - is this the breed for your family? Plus learn what Natural Horsemanship is.

  • Dog Carting

    Episode 21

    We’re going to explore a sport that has old roots but is again gaining popularity - the sport of dog carting. We’ll follow a young Rottweiler’s first attempts at carting and see how it goes. Then, we’ll take a look at one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world, the Siamese. If you’ve con...

  • Pets With Special Needs

    Episode 22

    We'll learn what it takes to take care of a pet with special needs, then we'll witness how a German Shepard got over his fear of the water. Plus, we’ll find out how the equestrian sport, Hunter Jumper is judged and how you can get into the sport, Ever think of having a pet pig in your house? We'l...