Rocka-Bye Island (10 Videos)

  • Brussels Sprouts Blues

    It's lunchtime at the school and some of the children don't want to finish their vegetables. They've left their brussels sprouts, peas and carrots behind. The upset veggies sing a song about how they make you grow healthy and strong but Brigid, Lee, Conor and Ciaran still aren't convinced.

  • A More or Lesson

    At the school, the group are getting ready to go to Otter Creek for a picnic. While Ruari gets their lunches ready, Lee and Conor argue over who is getting more bananas and who's getting less.

  • Driving them Batty

    Conor gets carried away during a game of dress up at the school and his pirate voice is too loud. When the game turns into a treasure hunt to the Pirate Cave Conor's shouting causes even more trouble - it echoes off the cave walls and wakes up baby bat Eduardo.

  • Planting a Seed

    The class are being measured by Mr O'Dear to see how much they've grown. They're all getting bigger, but their poor plant isn't growing.

  • Foggiest Notion

    The children have just arrived at the school when Conor announces that he's lost his Captain Smelly doll. After a quick search he turns up inside Conor's hood. Crisis averted, the group head off on a long hike to the Foggy Isthmus.

  • Making Tracks

    After hurting his leg playing football, Conor has to use a crutch and isn't able to walk very far. This gets the children thinking about how different animals get around.

  • Toot Your Horn

    The children are playing their favorite musical instruments. After some practice, they're all excited to go on a musical parade to Seagull Rock - everyone except poor Roisin. She can't choose an instrument she likes, and her singing makes the other children laugh.

  • Imagine That

    After spending the morning pretending to build a skyscraper, the children decide to go on a hike to Inis Spraoi's oldest building, the mound at Two-Knocks.