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A Model Day

Rocka-Bye Island (10 Videos) • 11m

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  • Foggiest Notion

    The children have just arrived at the school when Conor announces that he's lost his Captain Smelly doll. After a quick search he turns up inside Conor's hood. Crisis averted, the group head off on a long hike to the Foggy Isthmus.

  • Making Tracks

    After hurting his leg playing football, Conor has to use a crutch and isn't able to walk very far. This gets the children thinking about how different animals get around.

  • Toot Your Horn

    The children are playing their favorite musical instruments. After some practice, they're all excited to go on a musical parade to Seagull Rock - everyone except poor Roisin. She can't choose an instrument she likes, and her singing makes the other children laugh.