Little Smart Planet

Little Smart Planet

53 Episodes

Little Smart Planet is an amazingly fun and educational learning show designed to fuel children's curiosity for knowledge. It is a pioneer in the development of educational games and videos for kids from 3 to 15 years old. Your children are going to love our kids videos produced especially for them. Learn about colors, numbers, alphabet, seasons, and more!

Little Smart Planet
  • Farms Animals: The Song

    Episode 1

    One of those unforgettable children songs to learn the names of farm animals. Come on, now it's your turn!

  • Farm Animals Vocabulary

    Episode 2

    Guess what, what animal am I? Let's play and learn about farm animals!

  • Learning about Animals

    Episode 3

    Sing the unforgettable song "Old McDonald had a Farm" and learn how to pronounce and write the names of farm animals to practice descriptions

  • Colors Names

    Episode 4

    Watch this video and review in a simple and fun way how basic colors are written and pronounced

  • Colors: The Song

    Episode 5

    There is a very catchy song in this video! Sing it again and again while you learn all the colors!

  • Story to Learn The Colors

    Episode 6

    Learn the basic colors with this entertaining and "colorful" story!

  • Learning about Colors

    Episode 7

    Listen to the beat of catchy music while looking at really cool bright balloons to learn the colors

  • ABC Alphabet: The Song

    Episode 8

    Sing with us the famous song "Learn your ABCs"

  • ABC Alphabet Pronunciation

    Episode 9

    Learn how to say the letters of the alphabet and how to pronounce them properly

  • ABC Alphabet Vocabulary

    Episode 10

    Watch this video and review the alphabet! For instance, words that start with … Your speaking skills will improve lots!

  • Learning about the Alphabet

    Episode 11

    Do you remember that well-known song to teach children the alphabet? Encourage your little ones to sing the ABCs

  • Numbers 1-10: The Song

    Episode 12

    Hey, kids! Let´s watch this video and practice how to say numbers from 1 to 10 while you are singing!

  • Story to Learn The Numbers

    Episode 13

    Review the numbers by listening to short stories to learn in a fun and easy way

  • Learning about Numbers

    Episode 14

    Study the numbers by playing with asteroids, planets and rockets. Let´s do it!

  • Food in English: The Song

    Episode 15

    Do you like singing and dancing, right? Sing with us and review how to say the names of food and meals

  • Food Vocabulary

    Episode 16

    Guess the name of the food and learn meal names!

  • Learning about Food

    Episode 17

    Review in a easy and fun way the pronunciation and writing of the most usual names for foods and meals

  • Means of Transport: The Song

    Episode 18

    Have fun learning the song of the means of transport!

  • Transport Vocabulary

    Episode 19

    Challengue yourself to guess the right means of transport by watching this video

  • A Story on Transport

    Episode 20

    Discover the different means of transport that and live an authentic adventure!

  • Learning About Transport

    Episode 21

    Learn the names for transports through music and images!

  • Parts of The Body: The Song

    Episode 22

    Sing "Head, shoulders, knees and toes ......" with us. Don´t stop moving your body!

  • Story to Learn Parts of The Body

    Episode 23

    Listen to this story and reinforce your vocabulary on the parts of the body and the head

  • Learning My Body Parts

    Episode 24

    Play this video and learn vocabulary for the parts of the body. You´ll see how easy it is!