Holy Moly

Holy Moly

12 Episodes

Holy Moly introduces children to Bible stories through a strong emphasis on humor, fresh perspectives, and the experiences of people in the Bible.

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Holy Moly
  • Creation

    Episode 1

    Using beautiful, flowing visuals, Holy Moly explores the story of creation as told in Genesis 1. Adam and Eve - Adam and Eve live a carefree life in God’s Garden of Eden. There’s only one rule they have to obey. How hard could following it be? Noah - When God decides to flood the entire Earth, No...

  • Rebekah and Isaac

    Episode 2

    Abraham wants to find the perfect bride for his son Isaac, but will their faithful servant, Eliezer, be able to find her? Jacob and Esau - Jacob and his twin brother, Esau, have been rivals since birth, competing for everything. But which brother will win their father’s blessing? Jacob Becomes Is...

  • Baby Moses

    Episode 3

    When Pharaoh outlaws all Hebrew baby boys, Baby Moses’ family comes up with a desperate plan to save him. Crossing the Red Sea - Moses is called by God to free his people from slavery in Egypt and lead them to the Promised Land. But Pharaoh has no intention of releasing the Hebrews. The Ten Comma...

  • God Calls Samuel

    Episode 4

    Join Reuben the Mouse as he tries to help Samuel understand that God is speaking to him. Samuel Anoints David - God’s prophet, Samuel, is looking for the next king. It should be one of the sons of Jesse, but which one? David and Goliath - Armed with only a sling and his faith in God, David goes t...

  • The Angel Speaks to Mary

    Episode 5

    An angel’s visit to Mary is quite alarming. But even more alarming is the message the angel brings. Is Mary ready for such big news? Mary and Elizabeth - Life isn’t easy for Mary the expectant mother. But her visit with her relative, Elizabeth, helps lighten her spirit. Jesus Is Born - Late one n...

  • John the Baptist

    Episode 6

    John lives in the wilderness and baptizes people in the name of God. But when the Son of God comes to John to be baptized, he’s not quite sure what to do. Jesus Calls the Disciples - As Jesus begins His ministry, He calls people to come follow Him. But who will be ready, willing, and able to answ...

  • The Parable of the Sower

    Episode 7

    Jesus explains that faith, like seeds, needs the right conditions to flourish. The Parable of the Mustard Seed - When Jesus is asked to describe the Kingdom of Heaven, His answer is surprising. What do mustard seeds have to do with God’s Kingdom? The Parable of the Good Samaritan - A traveler is ...

  • The Ten Outcasts

    Episode 8

    It’s hard for people with leprosy in the ancient Middle East. People are so afraid of catching it, they won’t even come near. For ten such outcasts, Jesus may be their only hope. A Man Through the Roof - Some travelers want to bring their friend to Jesus for healing, but the house He’s staying in...

  • Jesus and the Children

    Episode 9

    Many people want to spend time with Jesus, but learning from Him is for grownups only. Right? The Widow's Offering - While people are donating to charity at

    the Temple, Jesus points out that a widow’s donation was the most valuable. But how can that be if she only donated two coins? Mary and Mar...

  • The Last Supper

    Episode 10

    Jesus and the disciples get together for supper, just as they have many times before. But tonight is different, because Jesus has something surprising on the menu. Jesus and the Cross - From betrayal to arrest to death-sentence, Jesus’ final days are depicted here with beautiful, flowing visuals....

  • Breakfast with Jesus

    Episode 11

    Though they know Jesus as risen from the dead, the disciples aren’t sure what’s become of Him. Perhaps that mysterious stranger on the beach has some answers... The Great Call - Now that Jesus has risen, he has a job for the disciples. The job is much bigger than anyone could have imagined. Jesus...

  • Saul Meets Jesus

    Episode 12

    When it comes to persecuting Jesus’ followers, Saul is the best. Can anything change his mind? Peter Raises Tabitha -As a follower of Jesus, Tabitha helps those around her. But when she dies, there’s no one to help Tabitha. Or is there? Lydia - Sometimes worldly success can harden the human spiri...