All About Animals

  • Walk The Dog with Cowboy Jack | Dog Walking Safety for Kids

    It's time to walk the dog with Cowboy Jack but before we do let's learn about how to walk dogs safely together! Cowboy Jack has his buddy Punch with him for this outdoor adventure where we discuss crossing the street safely, how to handle a dog, and making sure to pick up our messes (even our do...

  • Dinosaur Prank - Family Vlog

    This was an unplanned prank we decided to play on our little Micah-Man and the dog........ they both didn't find it too first 🤪

    On The Road feat. Anja by TFLM & Dave Erpson

  • PETS!

    When Danny Go sees how much fun animals can be, he visits a local animal shelter to look for the perfect pet! Learn about responsibility and the importance of taking good care of animals in this heartwarming episode.

  • Old McDonald Had A Farm

    Farmers have a very important job to do. They grow food for people to eat. Many farmers also raise animals that help them on the farm. Come along with Old MacDonald and learn about the animals at the farm!

  • Zoo Clues
    1 season

    Zoo Clues

    1 season

    Learning new things is fun! Love animals? Love trivia? Love animals WITH trivia?? Hold onto your hats as we take you through the animal kingdom’s most mind-blowing questions. Are you ready to see if you can answer these questions and become the animal trivia master?

  • It's All About Poo

    Sky and Finn are going on a poo hunt looking at different animal poo's to find out which poo is coming from who! Hilarious and educational and not at all smelly!

  • Feeding The Animals

    Another great visit with friends and their pets(the REAL and FAKE ones)! Sophia was so excited to have her tooth extracted by a Bow and Arrow, but then........the excitement turned into fear, so we made the most of our day!
    Speed by...

  • Recess Therapy - Animals

    Host Julian went to the zoo to check out the vibe. Kids had some glowing things to say about animals. The animals on the other hand...

  • Tree Climber

    Trees are SO big and cool. They give shade, shelter for animals, and air for us to breathe, but sometimes they can be dangerous and need to come down. That's when you should call the Tree Climbers and the tree removal crew to help you out! Watch our team of tree experts safely cut down a tall tre...


    Hal, Mr and Mrs Looyah present this Bible- and worship-based series. For children up to 7 years old, ALL THE CREATURES inspires wonder in the amazing animals around us – and the awesome God who made them.

  • Animals Friends

    The babies and their friends love learning about animals, especially baby animals! They also play vet and help make a puppy and a lion feel all better.

  • Dog Bathtime for Kids

    Dog Bath Time for Kids takes you on an adventure with Cowboy Jack to Pet Supplies Plus in Spring, Texas to give his little buddy Jack a bath at the dog washing station! Jack is an amazing dog but he's not super excited to be teaching everyone about Dog Bath Time for Kids. We learn about how we ...

  • ANIMALS- Cotton Top Tamarins

  • Meet Animals at The Learning Zoo

    Who is ready to meet animals at The Learning Zoo? In this episode, we're with Zookeeper Drew and we're going to meet animals at The Learning Zoo in The Woodlands, Texas! Zookeeper Drew has a ton of fun animals at The Learning Zoo and we're going to meet them, learn about them, and get to know t...

  • Animals Doing Things

    1 season

    Animals Doing Things is the single greatest collection of animal videos in the history of the internet. Here, you'll find a variety of cute and funny animals including cat, dog, pig, zoo animals and more! Check it out now!

  • Life of Gnarly

    Puppy time! Riley and her sisters dote over this adorable dog who comes to visit for super-fun playdates!

  • The Fish Whisperer

    1 season

    Join Kyle “The Fish Whisperer” in this YouTube-style series as he goes on fishing adventures, does turtle ASMR, and feeds the fish in his pond!

  • Zookeeper

    Do you LOVE animals? Maybe you could grow up to be a Zookeeper who takes care of animals. Come along with us as we learn about animals at the Minnesota Zoo!

  • PicTrain | 02 | Real Zoo Animals

  • Breaking Bad News!

    How do you tell your child that the family dog did the unthinkable? :)
    Just My Imagination by KSMK
    Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs"

  • Types of Fish for Kids!

    Ready to learn all about types of fish for kids with Cowboy Jack? This week we're exploring a whole bunch of aquariums and seeing all types of fish thanks to our friends at Fish Gallery in The Woodlands, Texas! There are two different types of fish we will meet - freshwater and saltwater. Lear...

  • ANIMALS - Red Panda & Snow Leopard

  • Amazing Exotic Animals for Kids

    Who's ready to learn about exotic animals and cool pets for kids with Cowboy Jack? This week we're with our friends at HerpShop in Bryan, Texas learning all about exotic animals, how they can become pets, and how we care for pets! We'll be meeting a wallaby, chinchillas, snakes, spiders, frogs,...