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  • Top 10 Biggest Zoo Animals

    Top 10 Biggest Zoo Animals

  • Kids Safari

    1 season

    Our beautiful planet is truly a place of wonder—especially if you're eight and ten years old. Join Luca and Melua on a wild journey of discovery as they explore some of the most spectacular places on earth. Armed with an insatiable sense of curiosity, our two young adventurers head off on a missi...

  • Funny Animals at the Zoo

    Sky and Finn meet funny animals at the zoo. Animals that talk. See how the animals live, what they eat and what they do all day in the zoo. Sky and Finn feed a kangaroo and a parrot. Sky gets kicked by an alpaca and mummy gets pooped on :) Also, check out the amazing playground that looks like No...

  • PETS!

    When Danny Go sees how much fun animals can be, he visits a local animal shelter to look for the perfect pet! Learn about responsibility and the importance of taking good care of animals in this heartwarming episode.

  • Swimming Splashing Dogs

    Did you know there's dog agility events called dock diving where you get to see some swimming splashing dogs do their tricks? We're at Dog Gone Fun Agility in Magnolia, Texas seeing these pups splash into the pool and swim all over! Cowboy Jack gives kids a deep dive into the world of swimming ...

  • Episode 7 | Pinecone Animals

    Daisy and the Gumboot Kids make pinecone animals.

  • Pets in Paradise TV

    1 season

    From heart-warming stories, educational facts, pet care tips, Pets in Paradise TV explores the special people between animals and humans with a goal of improving the relationship between people and their pets.

  • Animal Trivia Challenge

    The Yippee Game Show is BACK– this time testing Cam & Noel’s knowledge of animals around the world. Play along and see how many of these animal questions YOU know!

  • Ponysitter's Club: Fun at the Fair

    "Excited about the Fall Fair, the Ponysitters are busy with a multitude of preparations. The Fair also brings out a competitive nature in some of the contestants, but nothing works better than teamwork. Unfortunately, Isabella will be in her native Brazil during the Fair but she helps Skye out ...

  • Blue Giants

    Luna, Jupiter and Clyde are so excited to see a blue whale for the very first time. They are amazed by the size of the animal and begin to wonder, how did the whale get to be so big?

  • Learning About Animals & David & Goliath

    Come with us as we take a field trip to a petting zoo! This video is inspired by Noah's Ark. I hope you love it!


    Hal, Mr and Mrs Looyah present this Bible- and worship-based series. For children up to 7 years old, ALL THE CREATURES inspires wonder in the amazing animals around us – and the awesome God who made them.

  • Daniel in the Lions' Den

    This animated Bible story for kids tells the story of Daniel in the Lions’ Den. We
    referenced the following Biblical passages: Daniel 6. Hey-O Kids Curriculum’s primary
    goal with the Stories of the Bible animation is to tell the stories from God’s word
    accurately and in a way that is engaging to ...

  • Farm Friends

    The babies and their friends visit a farm… and meet some baby goats! The kids sure get along.

  • Dinosaur Prank - Family Vlog

    This was an unplanned prank we decided to play on our little Micah-Man and the dog........ they both didn't find it too first 🤪

    On The Road feat. Anja by TFLM & Dave Erpson

  • A Tail of Tails

    Clyde just loves playing with the cat next door, but when the kitty suddenly startles, she surprises Clyde with a mean meow and a puffed up tail. Luna gets to wondering, why are there so many different types of tails and why do animals have them?

  • Old McDonald Had A Farm

    Farmers have a very important job to do. They grow food for people to eat. Many farmers also raise animals that help them on the farm. Come along with Old MacDonald and learn about the animals at the farm!

  • Trailers to get Cowboys and Horses to Rodeos for Kids

    Let's learn about cowboy and horse trailers for kids! If you've ever wondered how cowboys get themselves and their animals down the road to the next rodeo, this episode is for you! We'll learn all about how cowboys travel in style from rodeo to rodeo with living quarters in their trailers and a...

  • Top 10 Farm Animals

    On this episode of Job Jams Countdown we're counting down the 10 Biggest Animals at the Zoo! We've got Rhinos, Giraffes, Polar Bears, and so many more! Which Zoo Animal is #1? Find out in our "10 Biggest Zoo Animals Job Jams Countdown!"

  • It's All About Poo

    Sky and Finn are going on a poo hunt looking at different animal poo's to find out which poo is coming from who! Hilarious and educational and not at all smelly!

  • Feeding The Animals

    Another great visit with friends and their pets(the REAL and FAKE ones)! Sophia was so excited to have her tooth extracted by a Bow and Arrow, but then........the excitement turned into fear, so we made the most of our day!
    Speed by...

  • Tree Climber

    Trees are SO big and cool. They give shade, shelter for animals, and air for us to breathe, but sometimes they can be dangerous and need to come down. That's when you should call the Tree Climbers and the tree removal crew to help you out! Watch our team of tree experts safely cut down a tall tre...

  • Animals Friends

    The babies and their friends love learning about animals, especially baby animals! They also play vet and help make a puppy and a lion feel all better.