Winkler Bible Camp

Winkler Bible Camp

12 Episodes

Get ready for an adventure with Winkler Bible Camp! Winkler Bible Camp is a Christian summer camp in Canada that provides exciting camp experiences year-round! Here you will find a unique online camp program with fun Bible stories, songs, and more!

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Winkler Bible Camp
  • Wonder World | 1 | Kaboom!

    Episode 1

    Funny how it all started with just a little fib. Connor spins a tale that might be too much to handle and the llama is a trickster - you just never know what will happen in Wonder World.

  • Wonder World | 2 | Nuh Uh!

    Episode 2

    Tunnels, cookies and chefs, oh my! Bethany makes a few changes to the cookie recipe, we find a mountain of garbage and a wild... pig? Nope, it’s just a Henry.

  • Wonder World | 3 | That Stings!

    Episode 3

    Small words and big reactions. If only Connor would have thought before he spoke. Now Bethany’s unhappy and we end up in a world without any words.

  • Wonder World | 4 | Gimme! Gimme!

    Episode 4

    We need more toys! Bethany and Connor start shopping for everything! And what’s this? Somebody is stealing balloons!

  • Wonder World | 5 | Say Cheese!

    Episode 5

    Feeling happy...or joyful? Is there a difference? Just ask a detective, he’ll solve it for you. Also rabbits making sand castles and Dad’s sharing jokes.

  • Wonder World | 6 | Game On!

    Episode 6

    Time machines, traps and that tricky Llama is at it again. And watch your step, there’s a pranking princess on the loose!

  • Wonder World | 7 | Let's Do it!

    Episode 7

    Bethany and Connor are on a mission - so what do a snake, a jousting match and a chef have to do with it? And is that a superhero I see?

  • Wonder World | 8 | Boo!

    Episode 8

    Action, energy and... lava? Bushman Bill is back at it, the scouts are scared, and someone’s getting soaked. Yikes!

  • Wonder World | 9 | All For One!

    Episode 9

    Connor finds the missing piece under the chair, but Bethany won't let him help fix the contraption with her. Then trivia questions, dueling artists and some tourists get a little lost - tune in for the Season Finale!

  • Practical Proverbs | Bulls, Builds & Motors

    Episode 10

    Billy tries his hand at building, repairing, and crashing as he learns three new Proverbs. Proverbs 10:23, Proverbs 10:26, and Proverbs 12: 15.

  • Practical Proverbs | Brothers, Friends & Fishy Situations

    Episode 11

    Things get a bit fishy when Billy learns about three new Proverbs.
    Proverbs 17:14, Proverbs 13:16, and Proverbs 17: 28.

  • Practical Proverbs | Decors, Indoors & Trophies

    Episode 12

    It's all about Billy getting blown away in this episode! What has he gotten himself into! Proverbs 11:12, Proverbs 6:20, and Proverbs 16: 18.