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Agi Bagi

The New Forest

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  • The Naughty Wind

    The wind blows across the planet. It grabs leaves, destroys crops and makes pranks. Finally, Agingas and Bagingas manage to give it some useful tasks - Agingas build a windmill and Bagingas - a kite. Even Bumbly cleverly uses the power of the wind: with a small fan she manages to reach a small fr...

  • The Lost Egg

    Bored Bumbly finds a lost egg in the Agingas' forest. During her play the egg falls through the hole and lands on the Bagi side of the planet. A chick hatches from it and Bumbly and the chick start to play together. Bagingas starts to play instruments and dance and the chick begins to squeak chee...

  • The Great Noise

    Zeebee and Bodjo play some catchy tunes on their instruments. Bumbly is secretly watching them and decides to become their competition: it wants to make its own music. Bumbly starts to play the drums, then grabs onto another instrument - a guitar - and makes a dreadful noise. Animals run away on ...