Agi Bagi

Agi Bagi

12 Episodes

Agi Bagi is an animated series dedicated to the preschoolers. It is adventure with a little bit of ecological education. The series tells us about the planet with two sides: Agi and Bagi and the relationship between the two tribes which inhabit the planet: Agingas and Bagingas. They come together with nature to take care about an ecosystem, and in every episode they solve a particular problem related to the environment, such as a flood, a sun that oversleeps, how to use the wind's power, understand the planet or segregate the litter. And it shows we can deal with it if we work together.

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Agi Bagi
  • Who's Buzzing?

    Episode 4

    One day Bumbly was running through a meadow, lured by the scent of sweet flowers. Without hesitation it began to tuck in little fruit. But in some of the flowers, bees were still working... Bumbly did not like it at all so it decided to get rid of them by luring them into the hive and closing the...

  • The New Forest

    Episode 11

    On the Agi side, clumsy Strongy plays hide-and-seek with Gliglucks and accidently overturns the trees. Snapped roots begin to sink into the ground. Meanwhile, on the Bagi side worried Bagingas notice that the roots snap and fall on their own. Agingas restore natural order on the planet by plantin...

  • The Naughty Wind

    Episode 10

    The wind blows across the planet. It grabs leaves, destroys crops and makes pranks. Finally, Agingas and Bagingas manage to give it some useful tasks - Agingas build a windmill and Bagingas - a kite. Even Bumbly cleverly uses the power of the wind: with a small fan she manages to reach a small fr...

  • The Lost Egg

    Episode 9

    Bored Bumbly finds a lost egg in the Agingas' forest. During her play the egg falls through the hole and lands on the Bagi side of the planet. A chick hatches from it and Bumbly and the chick start to play together. Bagingas starts to play instruments and dance and the chick begins to squeak chee...

  • The Great Noise

    Episode 8

    Zeebee and Bodjo play some catchy tunes on their instruments. Bumbly is secretly watching them and decides to become their competition: it wants to make its own music. Bumbly starts to play the drums, then grabs onto another instrument - a guitar - and makes a dreadful noise. Animals run away on ...

  • The Fruit

    Episode 7

    Truly tasty fruit grow on planet Agi. Bodjo loves them. After having one little fruit, together with Zeebee, they decide to plant a seed which, in time, will grow into a new fruit. The educational part of the show explains to children how plants really grow.

  • The Falling Star

    Episode 6

    In this episode a Meteorite falls on planet Agi Bagi. On the Agi side it creates a new mountain which becomes inhabited by Bumbly. On Bagi, the Meteorite serves as a perfect observation point for Bagingas - to observe the sky. A telescope mounted on the mountain top lets them discover that planet...

  • Drought And Flood

    Episode 5

    Prankster and always hungry Bumbly causes the flood on the Agi side and drought on the Bagi. The village chief of the Agingas is overwhelmed by the situation. Bodjo and Zeebee turn to Strongy for help. Strongy, using a straw, saves planet Agi from the flood. In that moment, Bagingas realize the c...

  • Chiefs One Hundred Trees

    Episode 3

    One day the Chief of the village has an idea to plant one hundred trees. Agingas execute the Chief's command. But on the other side of the planet, the Bagingas cannot care for the new roots. Bagingas decide to build a machine to fasten their work. They persuade the ever hungry Bumbly to run the m...

  • Bumbly's Corridors

    Episode 2

    On Agi side under the ground lies a little lost seed. Its scent reached the nostrils of the biggest glutton on the planet: Bumbly. In the meantime, little Gligluck decides to move the seed into a more suitable place. Digging the ground in search of the seed, Bumbly weakens and overturns plants. T...

  • A Pile of Rubbish

    Episode 1

    This year Agingas were the first to start the Spring cleaning. They have thrown out a lot of garbage and created a pile of waste which, due to the Chief's clumsiness, slides through the hole in the ground to the other side of the planet. Bagingas, with the help of Bumbly, utilize waste and use or...

  • The Sleepy Sun

    Episode 1

    When the sun is late for work. What would happen, if Mr. Moon took its place? When the sun hears the music played by Bumbly on a flute, it starts to dance. But the dancing takes a bit too long. Exhausted from it, the sun falls into a deep sleep. and stays on the same side of the little planet. To...