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Agi Bagi

The Fruit

Up Next in Agi Bagi

  • The Falling Star

    In this episode a Meteorite falls on planet Agi Bagi. On the Agi side it creates a new mountain which becomes inhabited by Bumbly. On Bagi, the Meteorite serves as a perfect observation point for Bagingas - to observe the sky. A telescope mounted on the mountain top lets them discover that planet...

  • Drought And Flood

    Prankster and always hungry Bumbly causes the flood on the Agi side and drought on the Bagi. The village chief of the Agingas is overwhelmed by the situation. Bodjo and Zeebee turn to Strongy for help. Strongy, using a straw, saves planet Agi from the flood. In that moment, Bagingas realize the c...

  • Chiefs One Hundred Trees

    One day the Chief of the village has an idea to plant one hundred trees. Agingas execute the Chief's command. But on the other side of the planet, the Bagingas cannot care for the new roots. Bagingas decide to build a machine to fasten their work. They persuade the ever hungry Bumbly to run the m...