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The Vault

73 Episodes

The Yippee Vault is officially UNLOCKED! Check out these rare gems that your parents (AND GRANDPARENTS) probably watched as kids.
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The Vault
  • Rack, Shack & Benny

    Rack, Shack, and Benny work in a factory that makes chocolate bunnies, owned by Nebbie K. Nezzer (a la King Nebuchadnezzar). His obsession with the bunnies leads him to build a giant one. Anyone who doesn't bow down and worship is fed to the furnace, where the "bad bunnies" go.

  • Music Machine

    Through the music of full animation, you can personally visit the colorful garden kingdom of Agapeland, where a blend of stories and fun songs gently teach children about the Fruit of the Spirit. Be delighted by the whistels, horns, buttons, and dials of the powerful and energizing Music Machine....

  • The Wild Goat

    Davey and Goliath rescue a wild goat that was trapped under a heavy tree branch.

  • Love at First Sight

    Abraham tells his servant to find a wife for Isaac in Haran. At that place, the servant finds Rebekah. Later, Isaac and Rebekah fall in love upon seeing each other and get married.

  • Amazing Book

    Episode 1

    Your children will delight in the exciting animated adventures of Doc Dickory, Revver, and their “book mole” friend Dewey Decimole, as they explore God’s Word and discover why its authors, books, history, and stories are so important.

  • Where's God When I'm S-Scared

    Junior Asparagus, after watching a scary Frankencelery movie, is afraid to go to sleep; he gets help from Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber, who teach him that God is bigger than anything he might be afraid of.

  • Generosity - Rockinghorse Land / Old Man Rabbit's Thanksgiving Dinner / The Gift

    Plato learns that Annie and Zach are collecting canned goods for a homeless shelter, but their first priority is the rewards they'll get instead of helping the hungry, to the point where they argue over who should be recognized first at a celebration. He tries to explain how true giving requires ...

  • Good Shepherd

    C.J. and Ned are shepherds for a day! Really, how tough can it be? But when wolves plan an attack, C.J. and Ned learn first-hand it’s not as easy as it seems. Discover how our Good Shepherd cares for His sheep.

  • Jay Jay's Christmas Adventure Part 1

    Christmas has come to Tarrytown Airport, and Jay Jay and his friends have last minute plans before the big day. Snuffy has trouble finding the perfect tree, Brenda Blue tries to help Jay Jay finish a rather long wish list, and Tracy and Herky plan to learn more about Santa Claus and even meet him...

  • Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Mr. Flabbinjaw is feeling under the weather, so Joel, Brany, Dr. FullOvit and Grandma Zippy try using laughter to make him feel better.

  • Music Machine-Benny's Biggest Battle

    Benny the Bear has been assigned by The Conductor to be the new music machine monitor. However, the little bear’s lack of self-control may pull all of Agapeland in danger. Will Benny’s enormous appetite for honey help Mr. Pimmus wreck the music machine forever?


  • Sharing with friends

    Charlie and Jamo love to play Hide ‘n Seek. But when Jamo falls into the stream, the kids fear the worst. Charlie shows them that you just go to have faith.

  • Are You My Neighbor?

    Two stories, told by the VeggieTales gang, talk about why it's important to love your neighbor. "The Story of Flibber-O-Loo": The inhabitants of the towns Flibber-O-Loo and Jibberty-Lot, who are constantly fighting, attempt to make peace with each other. "The Gourds Must Be Crazy": The USS Applep...

  • The William Booth Story

    This episode of Torchlighters tells the story behind William Booth, a boy determined to bring the gospel to London's most troubled neighborhood with his Salvation Army.

  • The Flood

    Episode 3

    It tells the story of Noah building the ark; the flood that killed everyone except Noah's family and the animals in the ark; and God's promise of not destroying the world with a flood once again (via the rainbow).

  • Amazing Children

    Episode 2

    In this fun-filled, animated adventure, the excitable Revver and feisty Rikki are tired of being kids because “being a kid is nothing important.” So, Doc Dickory and Dewey bring the children of the Bible to life through story and song.

  • Always Be Honest

    Paul has a problem. Every time she turns on the water at the sink in her lab it sprays her in the face. She asks around to find someone to fix the plumbing. Billy claims he can do it. But his solution is silly and doesn't work. It's obvious he knows nothing about plumbing but lied about it b...

  • The Burning Bush

    God talks to Moses in the burning bush in the land of Midianites and gives him instructions to return to Egypt and talk to the new Pharaoh to free the Israelites. He takes Aaron with him. The new Pharaoh becomes stubborn as he refuses to follow Moses. Also, Moses clashes with the Pharaoh's magici...

  • Picture Day

    Today is Picture Day at E.Z. Airlines, and everyone is excited of getting their picture taken, except Snuffy as he thinks his propeller makes him look silly. Snuffy gripes about this all day until Old Oscar helps him discover his propeller is what makes him special, and is glad that he has it.

  • It Would Be Silly

    From the creators of Paws & Tales come ten more fun songs with a fantastic message. Sing along with your friends from Wildwood and enjoy songs that reinforce essential values like honesty, selflessness, and obedience.

  • Mi Mi Mi

    Come On Over! is a musical comedy for kids that models creative play. Each episode follows Joel and his quirky friends as they play through all sorts of situations.

  • The Samuel Morris Story

    Young Prince Kaboo is being held for ransom by a fierce enemy tribe. When his African father can no longer meet their demands, Kaboo's fate is sealed. The fierce warriors are preparing to do away with the weakened Prince Kaboo, but something intervenes. Suddenly, a blinding light appears, and the...

  • Don't Hold on to Anger

    Billy is working on a project and it blows up over and over again. Finally in disgust he looses his temper and smashes several things. Dr. Wonder teaches Billy about anger and helps him to understand how to channel his anger in positive ways. Billy learns how to control his anger and make it w...

  • Solid Rock

    Paws & Tales is known for wonderful songs that help reinforce the lessons learned in each episode. This tune from the program masterfully blends solid biblical teaching with fun melodies, diverse musical styles, and memorable lyrics. It is sure to have your family singing about our great and lovi...