Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Turtles Are Ferocious!

3m 59s

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  • My Pet Alligator Gar Are Growing Up!

    In this video I feed my pet alligator gar Trinity and Brazos minnows that I netted from a creek. While catching minnows I rescued a baby possum from the rising water.

  • White Bass Fly Fishing Madness!

    In this video I go to a creek during white bass spawning season with a 6 wt. fly rod and some white clousers. The fishing was nonstop action and I ended up catching over 100 white bass in a few hours.

  • Using a Whopper Plopper For Alligator...

    In this video, I am fishing a very flooded river and there are gar sitting on the surface. When they are like that they are very aggressive and will eat any lure that goes right in front of it. I ended up catching 5 nice alligator gar on a musky jerkbait and the whopper plopper.