Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Shadow Bit Me!

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Up Next in Season 1

  • Pet Alligator Gar Eating Live Minnows!!

    In this video, I net gambusia minnows at a small local creek and then feed them to my pet alligator gar. Both Trinity and Brazos ate a few minnows and are really growing fast.

  • This Fish TOWED Our Boat!

    In this video, I go to the trinity river with Ty and Henry in hopes of catching massive alligator gar. Even with the river being high, we still caught two river monsters at 180lbs and 235lbs.

  • Topwater Huge Bass Blowups!

    In this video, I feed the pet largemouth bass a bunch of threadfin and gizzard shad and film it all in slow mo. The bass are veracious and often eat the shad as soon and they hit the water.