Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Redfish Caught on Rage Craws!

6m 40s

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  • Bullfrogs Love Mice!!

    In this video I go to a local pond with a ton of big lily pads and fish for bullfrogs with a mouse lure! The frogs were so aggressive and I even had one eat the mouse over 10 times. The slow mo video turned out awesome and the frogs were massive!

  • I Feed The Turtles!

    In this video I have some small shad and I feed the hungry turtles who are always trying to steal the shad. They are some pretty aggressive turtles and always try to bite my toes. Give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this vid!

  • Spotted Gar DESTROY Poppers!

    Right after a couple inches of rain in the summer gar become very active in search for food and often stay up on top in the newly flooded water. Catching them with topwater lures is a challenge but it is tons of fun! I personally think this is a lot funner than bowfishing and the fish get to live...