Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Pond Fishing for Big Bass

2m 12s

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  • Sabiki Rig Sewer Fishing

    This storm sewer next to my house has fish in it so i decided to drop a sabiki rig with an ice fishing pole down there. I got a bite the second time I dropped it down there and then the third time I pulled up a small bluegill. The sabiki rig was tipped with gulp alive and I have caught many fish ...

  • Bass Fishing with an Ice Fishing Pole

    I decided to use this ice fishing pole to go bass fishing. Whenever I started to reel the fish in the reel came off of the rod and I had to bring him in by hand.

  • Bluegill Grabbing

    I feed big bluegill at my pond with little pellets and they usually come close to the bank so I decided to try to grab one. When I hit the water the big bluegill swam straight into my chest and I held him there and then brought him up.