Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Gar Love Topwaters!

4m 54s

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  • My Biggest Bayou Bass!

    In this video I fish at a local bayou with my friend Brandon for bass, gar and anything else that we can catch. We were both using crappie tubes and caught a bunch of different species including gar, bass and red-ear sunfish. The bayous are really low right now so the water is clear and most fish...

  • Redfish Caught on Rage Craws!

    In this video I go fishing in matagorda and try to catch redfish cruising in shallow water. We got to the spot right at high tide and the redfish were tailing up shallow looking for crabs and shrimp. I've always thought that a rage craw would be an awesome bait for redfish and they absolutely lov...

  • Bullfrogs Love Mice!!

    In this video I go to a local pond with a ton of big lily pads and fish for bullfrogs with a mouse lure! The frogs were so aggressive and I even had one eat the mouse over 10 times. The slow mo video turned out awesome and the frogs were massive!