Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Fly Fishing for Tailing Carp

7m 50s

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  • Bullfrog Caught on Livetarget Frog

    I was fishing for bass and saw a bullfrog pop up through the slop and I knew he'd eat my frog. I threw the livetarget frog at him and twitched it a few times and he leaped on it and nailed it. One of the smaller frogs I've caught but they are still real fun to catch. The setup is a lews bb1 pro o...

  • Dropshotting for Big Bluegill

    I made this video down at a local retention pond showing how I catch big bluegill. Dropshotting works well for them with small baits and hooks. Most of the ones I caught were a little over half a pound but I've caught 1lbers using this technique.

  • Giant Bass Eat Gizzard Shad

    Shot this video down at a local pond of feeding the pet bass a big gizzard shad. It is not hooked but just tied to the line and it is how I feed them. The two that blew up on it were 5-6lbs and destroyed the shad.