Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Fishing for Longnose Gar on the Brazos River

1m 40s

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  • Bass Fishing with Snake Baits

    I recently got these snakes and thought I could catch some big fish with. The snakes work very well around brush and in and around lily pads. In my pond I caught the two small bass around two lbs but the 5 lber was landed in a farm pond.

  • Guadalupe River Turtle Grabbing

    I snuck up on this turtle on the rock for 2 minutes. The gopro was on my head and as soon as the turtle crawled in I sprung into action and grabbed him before he got away. i hope you enjoyed watching this as much as i enjoyed making it.

  • Bombshell Turtle Bass Fishing

    I am using bombshell turtle down at my pond and I caught 5 bass about 2 pounds.These turtles work good and could really catch some big fish.