Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Bass Fishing with 6th Sense Swimbaits

7m 43s

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  • Fly Fishing for Big Redear Sunfish

    I went to a local pond today where there are a bunch of Redear sunfish and caught some nice ones with a 5 wt. fly rod. I was using a size 12 parachute Adams on 4lb tippet and it worked pretty good. They put up a fun fight on light line and look like a trout when they suck the fly in off the top. ...

  • Giant Koi Caught on a Fly Rod!

    There are some giant koi in a pond near me and I set out to try and catch one fly fishing. My friend who fly fishes a bunch tied me a bread fly made with white fur and since the fish are used to being fed bread here they liked it. It took me about an hour to hook up with one because they would sp...

  • Carp Fishing with Bread

    I went to a local pond today full of carp and koi and caught a nice carp using bread on top. The fish are very skittish and I had to let the bread drift a while before they would even look at it. It's awesome seeing them suck it in off the top and hopefully I can get one on a fly rod soon. The ca...