Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

7 Different Species Caught in a TINY Creek!


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  • Amazing Shad Drone Footage-Cast to Feed

    In this video, I use my brand new drone to get some awesome shots of cast netting shad and then go feed my pet bass with the shad I catch.

  • Feeding Giant Catfish!

    In this video a couple big channel catfish show up to eat and I rig up big shad to feed them. They can be pretty skittish but they still hunt down the shad and even eat one from my hand. You can tell how much they rely on their sense of smell by seeing them use their whiskers to find the shad. I ...

  • Quest For my First Striper!

    Me and my buddy Jacob headed down to he Guadalupe river to catch some trout and hopefully my first striped bass. The Canyon Lake tailrace holds a bunch of trout in the winter and is also home to stripers which eat the trout. Kayak fishing was tough as we had to wade our kayaks through shallow rap...