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Turtles Love Popsicles!

The Fish Whisperer (321 Videos) • 4m 33s

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  • Turtle Racing!

    In this video three of the pet turtles race against each other to make it into the pond. GoPro turtle ends up winning the race!

  • My Pet Alligator Gar Are Growing Up!

    In this video I feed my pet alligator gar Trinity and Brazos minnows that I netted from a creek. While catching minnows I rescued a baby possum from the rising water.

  • Bass Love Salamanders!!

    I bought one dozen waterdogs (salamander larvae) to feed the bass at a local bait store. Big bass apparently love them so I wanted to see if my pet bass would eat them. They loved them and ate them as soon as they hit the water.