The Fish Whisperer (321 Videos)

  • I Built a New Turtle Ramp!

    In this video, I saw an old log and turn it into a new turtle ramp! This ramp allows the turtles to crawl up on the bank and eat shad from my hands. Hope y’all enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching!!

  • Bass Are Vicious!

    In this video, I hand feed huge largemouth bass in the pond and one bites my thumb. The turtles and catfish also got fed shad and fish pellets. Hope y’all enjoyed the video!

  • What Should I Name This Turtle?

    In this video, I feed the fish and turtles on a warm spring day. I also notice a turtle with a pretty shell that needs a name.

  • Melon is Back!

    In this video, I feed the fish and turtles on a warm February day. Melon the turtle even joins in on the action and eats a couple shad.

  • Texas Smallmouth River Fishing!

    In this video, I travel to the Texas hill country and kayak fish for one of my favorite species, smallmouth bass. I end up catching largemouth, smallmouth and Guadalupe bass in this crystal clear river. I hope y’all enjoyed it!

  • My Pet Alligator Gar is Hungry!!

    In this video, I feed my pet alligator gar, Brazos, a bunch of minnows that I net at the creek. He is growing really fast and needs lots of minnows to eat.

  • Emerald Is Hungry!

    In this video, I am feeding the fish and turtles on a cold calm evening. A couple turtles, including Emerald, show up and eat shad from my hand.

  • 1000 Shiners vs. Hungry Bass!

    In this video, I get 1000 shiners to feed to the pet bass and catfish in the pond. They ate quite a few and a lot swam away too!

  • Turtles Love Grub Worms!

    In this video, I dig up some grub worms to feed to the turtles. They liked them a lot and definitely wanted more. Thanks for watching!!

  • I Found a Baby Turtle!

    In this video, I find a baby turtle down at the pond and get an aquarium for him. I plan to raise him for a few months and then release him into the pond when he’s bigger. Thanks for watching!!

  • Monster Bass Jump for Shad!

    In this video, the huge pet bass in the pond are hungry and leap out of the water to eat a shad hanging from the feeding rod. The turtles also join in and eat a lot from the bank. Thank you guys for watching!!

  • My Pet Baby Turtle Loves Minnows!

    In this video, I feed the baby turtle that I found some pellets and minnows. He devoured them all up and is doing great in the new tank! Thank you guys for watching!!

  • Cast Netting Shad From a Sea-Doo!

    In this video, I go to a big lake on my brand new SeaDoo Fish Pro. The shad were up shallow and I caught a bunch with the cast net. Then, I brought them back to feed the fish and the turtles! Thank you guys for watching!!

  • Turtles Love Salad!

    In this video, I make a salad for my pet turtles down at the pond. They loved the salad and ate pretty much all of it! Thank you guys for watching!!

  • Hand Feeding My Pet Baby Turtle!

    In this video, I feed my baby turtle, Skittle, some minnows from the creek. He is super fast and swims around to catch them. Thank you guys for watching!!

  • 15 Shiners Vs. Hungry Alligator Gar!

    In this video, I go to a local creek to cast net shiners for my pet alligator gar. I ended up catching 15 shiners and brought them to the fish tank for Brazos. He ate two and got full so he stopped eating. Thank you guys for watching!!

  • The Catfish Are Swarming!

    In this video, I feed the hungry catfish and bass some shad and fish pellets. A couple turtles were also out so I gave them shad.

  • The Catfish Are Hungry!

    In this video I feed the fish and the catfish were super hungry and pushed the bass out of the way for the shad!

  • Bass Fishing with an Ice Fishing Pole

    I decided to use this ice fishing pole to go bass fishing. Whenever I started to reel the fish in the reel came off of the rod and I had to bring him in by hand.

  • Houston Tx Bayou Fishing

    In this video I go fishing for bass and gar in a bayou in Houston, Texas. The fishing was really good and I ended up catching 9 bass and 2 gar. I also saw a bunch of grass carp and tilapia swimming in the bayou.

  • Gar Fishing in the Bayou

    Went to the bayou today to catch some catfish but couldn't get a bite. We went to a new spot and walked up and saw 10 gar sitting on the surface. I had brought an ice fishing rod and put a small size 12 treble hook on and put a small chunk of cut bluegill on. When they eat it you want to let th...

  • Fishing For Big Bluegill With a Homemade Fishing Pole

    This is me fishing down at my pond for bluegill with a pole I made. At the end I hook up with a catfish and it breaks off.

  • Fly Fishing in Beautiful Alpine Lake!

    In this video I hike up to a remote mountain lake in the Colorado Rockies to fly fish for Greenback Cutthroat trout. The fish were eating little gnats and mosquitoes so i put on a gnat fly and caught a lot of fish surrounded by beautiful scenery.

  • Gar Fishing with Lures!

    In this video I go to buffalo bayou and target spotted gar with a topwater lure. They were super aggressive and I got some awesome shots of them eating the lure!