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Monster Bass Eat Giant Shad!!

The Fish Whisperer (321 Videos) • 10m

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  • Bass Love the Double Shad Rig!

    In this video, I create a rig out of wire that holds two shad that I use to feed my bass. The bass loved it and I filmed some epic blowups! I hope y'all enjoyed it!

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    In this video, I go to buffalo bayou in search of big flathead catfish. After a rain when the water rises is the best time to try to catch them. We were using live bluegill and caught a little one within the first 5 minutes. Then me and my friend Brandon went to the second spot and tried there fo...

  • The Turtles Are Gone

    This cold Texas winter has driven the turtles to hibernate. I read that they dig themselves in the mud and breathe dissolved oxygen through their skin! They will be back when it warms up!!