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Catching Dinosaur Fish Without Hooks!

The Fish Whisperer (357 Videos) • 12m

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  • Bass Love Shad!

    These crazy fish are my pet bass that I have had for 3 years now. The biggest bass named shadow is around 6 pounds which is big for a native texas bass. They are feed trained and will eat anything that enters the water. There are about 15 large bass that stick around me at all times. The more I f...

  • They're Back!!

    In this video I feed the fish a bag of shad and the turtles come feed for the first time this year! They pretty much hibernate in the winter and now it’s finally warm enough for them!


    In this video, I set out with good friends in hopes of catching massive prehistoric alligator gar. We used carp as bait and ended up catching two alligator gar and one hybrid gar.