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Catching Bait for the Bass

The Fish Whisperer (321 Videos) • 3m 25s

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  • My Biggest Bayou Bass!

    In this video I fish at a local bayou with my friend Brandon for bass, gar and anything else that we can catch. We were both using crappie tubes and caught a bunch of different species including gar, bass and red-ear sunfish. The bayous are really low right now so the water is clear and most fish...

  • Cast-Netting Food for the Fish!

    In this video, I go to a local pond full of shad and cast net them for my pet bass. It was pretty slow and I only got five bags worth, but the fish were super hungry and ate really well.

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    The storm drain outside of my house has fish in it. I recently discovered this and I thought i would share it with the world. The biggest fish I have caught in the storm drain is a 3 lb catfish and this is one of the smaller species I catch. This little bluegill bit a piece of worm on the tiny ho...