Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Gratitude - The Discontented Stonecutter / Cornelia's Jewels


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  • Selflessness - The Line of Golden Lig...

    Annie's enthusiasm about her family's upcoming spring vacation doesn't last when she learns her mother wants her to be a part-time sitter for her little cousins.

  • Honor - The Honest Woodsman / Honest Abe

    Zach feels triumphant when he gets a high enough grade on his history test to give him a good grade on his report card and make the honor roll, until he catches a mistake his teacher didn't. He is tempted to keep it secret so he'll be rewarded for his achievement, but Plato points out that the gr...

  • Charity - The Emerald Lizard / Mr. Straw

    Annie and Zach are saddened to see some families in town don't have any heat or warm clothes for the cold winter, and wish someone could help. Plato explains how anyone can make a difference and even tells them the story of how a monk's giving to those in need was enough reward for him throughout...