Adventures From the Book of Virtues

Adventures From the Book of Virtues

35 Episodes

Spark your imagination with content that is created on good values. The stories in this book come to life for Zach and Annie and their animal friends. Jump into their magical book and follow along as they overcome hurdles and adventure through stories told from the Book of Virtues.

Adventures From the Book of Virtues
  • Work - How the Camel Got His Hump / Tom Sawyer Gives Up the Brush

    Episode 1

    A thunderstorm strikes the forest, knocking a tree into the rainbowl. Zach and Annie volunteer to clean it out, along with Plato, Ari, and Aurora, but Sock isn't interested in helping. Plato tells him the story "How the Camel Got His Hump", where another beast's how not working gave him trouble. ...

  • Honesty - The Frog Prince / George Washington / The Indian Cinderella

    Episode 2

    Zach is sorely tempted to touch his dad's beautiful antique camera, despite promising not to - and when he does, he breaks it and lies that it fell off its display table naturally. Plato tries to convince Zach to tell the truth by telling him the stories of "The Frog Prince", where the title char...

  • Responsibility - Icarus and Daedalus / King Alfred / The Chest of Broken Glass

    Episode 3

    Annie agrees to put her brand-new bike to good use by delivering cakes from her mom's bakery, but can't resist Zach's offer to race - and is angry with him when her bike crashes and the food is ruined. Plato and Aurora try to convince her that responsibility is always handy to keep around as show...

  • Courage - The Minotaur / The Brave Mice / William Tell

    Episode 4

    Annie is defeated badly by a formidable opponent in a hurdles race, and her confidence leaves her after that. Plato tries to help her get her it back by telling the story of "The Minotaur", where an opportunity was taken to protect people in spite of the danger.

  • Self Discipline - The Golden Touch / The King and His Hawk / The Magic Thread

    Episode 5

    Zach offers Annie and all the others favors for money since he wants to buy a new game and can't get an allowance-raise at home. Plato points out that wanting money too badly leads to pain, as King Midas learned in "The Golden Touch".;#=#;Family;Children;Discipline;Contentment;BOVY0006;642844

  • Friendship - Waukewa's Eagle / Damon and Pythias / New Friends and Old Friends

    Episode 6

    Annie is disheartened when her new friend Sarah decides to choose a partner other than her to go canoeing with, even though she agreed to pair up with her, just because Annie's canoe leaks. Plato reads ""Waukewa's Eagle"" to show how compassion is occasionally and a good heart is always found in ...

  • Faith - Daniel in the Lions' Den / Harriet Tubman's Determination

    Episode 7

    Annie is saddened when her faith-devoted neighbor Ruth passes away, and wonders whether faith is really wroth it because of that. Plato tries to convince her that it is very much worth it by telling the stories of the Hebrew Daniel in the lions' den, who looked to faith always and saw how times o...

  • Generosity - Rockinghorse Land / Old Man Rabbit's Thanksgiving Dinner / The Gift

    Episode 8

    Plato learns that Annie and Zach are collecting canned goods for a homeless shelter, but their first priority is the rewards they'll get instead of helping the hungry, to the point where they argue over who should be recognized first at a celebration. He tries to explain how true giving requires ...

  • Perseverance - Scarface / The Stars in the Sky / Ulysses and the Cyclops

    Episode 9

    Zach and Annie have been taking lessons in karate and guitar, respectively, but now decide they don't want to stay in them anymore. On a hike, Plato tries to remind them of how rewarding persistence can be by telling the stories of "Scarface", about a Native American warrior who was rewarded base...

  • Loyalty - Yudisthira at Heaven's Gate / The Cap That Mother Made / Queen Esther

    Episode 10

    Zach enjoys birdwatching with Mr. Cleveland, but in climbing on a plaque to get up to a tree he breaks it and doesn't get why Mr. Cleveland is so worked up over it, especially when he shows confusion over why anyone would care about such an aged thing.

  • Trustworthiness - The Bear and the Travelers / The Knights of the Silver Shield

    Episode 11

    Zach is excited that a college football player who is his role model will attend his school pep rally, so volunteers to help out in order to meet him. But he doesn't think cleaning up for the assembly is worth it, and is prepared to go back on his word. Meanwhile, Sock is reluctant to help Ari fi...

  • Determination - Proteus / Jinkyswoitmaya

    Episode 12

    Zach and Annie go mountain-biking in the woods, but Zach's bike overturns and he sprains his ankle. Annie decides to stick with him since he can't walk or ride on it, and gets him not to think about their being stranded by retelling the Greek fable "Proetus" Plato told them, where a Greek king ha...

  • Integrity - For Want of a Horseshoe Nail / Charlemagne and the Robber Knight

    Episode 13

    Annie gets more orders for her craft weathervanes with Plato, Aurora, Ari, and Sock on them than she can deliver right away, so rushes through some to sell them - then gets complaints about how they're dysfunctional. Plato encourages her to consider what the results of a rushed job show by tellin...

  • Gratitude - The Discontented Stonecutter / Cornelia's Jewels

    Episode 14

    It's Zach's birthday and he wants to plan a large party to celebrate, but is bitter when his parents inform him they can only host a moderate one.

  • Selflessness - The Line of Golden Light / Saint George and the Dragon

    Episode 15

    Annie's enthusiasm about her family's upcoming spring vacation doesn't last when she learns her mother wants her to be a part-time sitter for her little cousins.

  • Honor - The Honest Woodsman / Honest Abe

    Episode 16

    Zach feels triumphant when he gets a high enough grade on his history test to give him a good grade on his report card and make the honor roll, until he catches a mistake his teacher didn't. He is tempted to keep it secret so he'll be rewarded for his achievement, but Plato points out that the gr...

  • Charity - The Emerald Lizard / Mr. Straw

    Episode 17

    Annie and Zach are saddened to see some families in town don't have any heat or warm clothes for the cold winter, and wish someone could help. Plato explains how anyone can make a difference and even tells them the story of how a monk's giving to those in need was enough reward for him throughout...

  • Leadership - The Tower to the Moon / The Gordian Knot

    Episode 18

    Zach doesn't think much of his football captain, and when Plato hears of Melanie's glory-lust which allows her to do as she pleases at the cost of the benefit of the team, he tells "The Tower to to the Moon" to demonstrate how a leader's self-importance was rewarded.

  • Citizenship - The Stone in the Road / Cincinnatus

    Episode 19

    Annie is disappointed that her family's vacation is postponed since her father has jury duty, and wonders why he simply doesn't skip it. Plato explains citizenship can reward good character, as shown in "The Stone in the Road" where those with and without it are repaid accordingly, and even if it...

  • Diligence - The Discontented Pig / Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel

    Episode 20

    Zach's first assignment for photographer as the school paper is, to his disappointment, taking pictures of things for the advertisements. He wants to quit, but Ari points out that every task has its ups and downs so the best solution is to work hard and cheerfully, as shown in "The Discontented P...

  • Moderation - The Spider's Two Feasts / The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

    Episode 21

    Annie does her best in baseball and ends up leading her team tot he champion game, but then learns she's been spending too little time on schoolwork. Plato points out that being involved too much in something doesn't mean it brings rewards, as a creature learns in the African folktale "The Spider...

  • Wisdom - The Story of Two Friends

    Episode 22

    Zach has graduated from elementary school and is about to start at middle school with more challenging work and new students, some of whom directly mislead him on Orientation Day, and is worried if he will succeed there.

  • Integrity - The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    Episode 23

    Zach's dad brings a model replica of an artifact from Egypt for him to use on his history project, but Zach is embarrassed that it is fake and claims it is a real artifact - then trouble occurs when his teacher wonders if he can put it on display at a museum. Plato reminds him that exaggerating t...

  • Work - The Wright Brothers

    Episode 24

    Annie chooses to build an electric motor for her science project but has a tough time with it so is ready to quit. Plato reminds her of the Wright Brothers, who wanted to build a machine but had to put a lot of effort into making the first airplane.