Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee

Dock Dogs


Up Next in Season 1

  • Surfing Dogs

    Our first segment is for the birds; ducks specifically. Evidently they make great pets but make sure you have lots of cleaning supplies. Then we witness the power of healing through therapeutic horsemanship, and we’ll find out what breed of dogs are named after the butterfly along with the reason...

  • Frisbee Dogs

    We’ll learn the motivation behind a dog while it chases a Frisbee and how you can get yours to do the same. Then we’ll get to know a 2000 pound loveable pet that just wants his back scratched and to be fed (watch your toes). Plus, we’ll learn about living jewels that can actually live over a 100 ...

  • Skateboarding Dogs

    We meet a K9 with an obsession for a skateboard. Then we witness how the power of love turned a neglected dog’s life around for the better. We’ll also learn the origin of the Portuguese water dog, plus meet a rescued goat who becomes a loyal hiking partner.